status update

I have posted about some deadlines and things going on in my life right now which are meaning I’m not taking on new clients for any altar work more in-depth than light settings and mojo bags.

But it occurs to me that I may not have publicly announced why I am not available for readings, in-person work, or much custom work until September or October. I’ve told colleagues and clients but I think posting it here just slipped my mind.

I am going to be out of the country for most of the summer; I’m traveling for my research, and I have a lot to do between now and my departure date.  So please, please don’t take it personally if you ask for custom work or altar work or a reading and I tell you that my next available appointment is in October.  It is absolutely not personal.  I am just not going to be here at all in July or August, and it looks like I may not be here for most of June either (I don’t know yet – it depends on whether this grant works out).  And then there is stuff that has to be done by a deadline when I get back, so things are going to be nuts until October-ish.

I am insanely busy with deadlines and obligations right now.  I can’t take on any time-intensive work right now, and I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m rushing on your work because I have to get something done before I catch a plane or something. That is not how I would want my rootworker to work, all distracted and rushed, and I’m not going to do y’all that way. So if you need something, feel free to write me – if I can’t help you, I’ll tell you so, but I’ll try to help you find an ethical, reliable rootworker or reader who *can* help you.  So don’t be afraid to ask, but please don’t be offended if my response is, "Why don’t you try contacting so-and-so…".  I wouldn’t send you to somebody who I didn’t know to be ethical and trained and have the for-real juju.

Having said all that, if you have been meaning to write me about a service or product or custom work, now would be the time to do so. I’m not going to get any LESS busy in the next few months; I’m going to get far busier (I have several major deadlines coming up and I have to begin work on a fairly significant project now that is due in late April).  If there is a chance I can help you out with whatever it is you were thinking of inquiring about, the time is now, unless you are cool with the time being next October or so!

I am trying to get my mother up here for a week or two to help me finish up some projects I started way back, like her old Florida Water recipe, or this really cool Eau Angelique I’ve been working on for a while – my mother got me started mixing up potions and formulas when I was just a wee thing, and it would be simply awesome if she’d get up here and putter around in the workroom for a while.  Fingers crossed.  If she does, I may have some very very cool new formulas and products to offer in the near future.  So send good vibes on the traveling-mother thing.  She could help me out and maybe free up some of my time in the next couple of months, if she can make it, but that is a big "if" right now.

Happy spring, folks, and happy hoodoo-ing.

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