store closure dates and est. response times

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is closed from April 7 – April 14.  Nobody is on vacation and I have not in fact gone anywhere, but if I don’t get away from answering all these emails that come in for a little while, I can’t get these current orders shipped in a timely manner, I can’t get booked altar work set up properly in a timely manner, and I can’t finish these consultations and readings that clients have been waiting patiently (mostly) on for just ages in some cases.

I am so backed up on readings and consultations that I took the paypal buttons for consultations down on my website (the reading buttons came down a few months ago).  A mix of events, including computer/network problems, some deadlines with large projects, some client work that ended up requiring more of my time than I expected, and some tax-season stuff that took more time than I expected, have led to readings, consultations, and reports going out more slowly than usual lately.  If you have been waiting on a reading or consultation and I have not begun it, and you would like a refund, I will cheerfully give it – I’ve been trying to talk people out of booking anything time-sensitive with me for a long time now, and if your initial optimism has faded and you would now prefer to have a reading with someone who can respond more quickly than I can, you won’t hurt my feelings one bit.  Just drop me an email – I will not be answering any new inquiries until I reopen, but I am using this time to catch up on current orders and divination and altarwork reports, so I will be responding to anything related to that. Otherwise, my assistant or my autorespond will reply with a form letter. My assistant is able to process paypal payments and refunds, so don’t be shy about asking for one even if you don’t get me directly. 

So if you’re looking for a quicker reading or working than I can do, pay a visit to some of the readers and workers that I recommend in my links section and on my info page.  If you’re waiting on me, I have not forgotten about you. And if you’re just wandering by for the heck of it, well, happy Spring and I hope you and the IRS are able to coexist peacefully this year 🙂

Happy hoodooing,


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