Dear clients, customers, readers, and browsers,

I have been dealing with a family emergency that has taken up all of my time and attention for the past couple of weeks; I have not even been able to check email in nearly a week.  As of tonight, I will begin attempting to address these communication lapses and to catch up on emails etc that I owe.

This has been a truly nightmarish time for my family. If I have upset you, and/or you have an order in and would like a refund or have otherwise been concerned about the status of our work together, please just ask/inquire nicely. I am more than happy to give you a refund if your order has not been packed and/or your consultation or reading begun.  Nothing nasty you say can make me feel any worse about "dropping the ball" on communication than I already do.  However, I had zero choice; as I’m sure you can understand if you have been through a family crisis, they don’t leave much room for anything else.

Thank you for waiting patiently if you have been waiting, or at least semi-patiently if you have begun to lose your patience.  My ebay and gmail were set up to send an automated response that the store was closed and services suspended, but I understand that these don’t always get noticed and/or make it through spam filters.  I will probably leave the auto-respond up for several more days, as I expect it will take that long for me to even get through my inbox, never mind begin answer emails at any length.

If you are a newer client/customer, please rest assured that this lapse in communication is far from typical with me. I normally answer emails within 2 business days, and often quite sooner.  I beg your indulgence as my family has been going through a really terrible time, and your continued patience as I gradually work my way out from under a truly astonishing load of unread emails.

If I haven’t pissed you off, and you have a moment and can spare a prayer, we could use it.

God bless,

Karma Zain

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