status update, summer closures, and info for international customers

Dear readers,

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here, and I very much appreciate your thoughts, prayers, good wishes, and candles.

I am now faced with the daunting task of sorting through, triaging, and responding to the hundreds of email that have piled up during the store closure.  

Just a note – I will be closing up shop from June 15-August 15, as I will be out of the country. I may be able to do some consultations and readings during that period, but that would be it, and I’m not making any promises about that yet anyway. I’ll let you guys know.

Because I need to prep for being out of the country for so long, and because I still owe quite a few full readings to clients who booked them before I made them unavailable, this is a bad time to book a new reading or consultation with me. If you are in need, please see the links on the right hand side of my blog, as well as a list on my user info page, to get more info about readers I can personally recommend.  There are many great readers out there who can respond to you more quickly than I can right now.

Because I need to wrap up the work I currently have in progress, and because I will have to take a couple of short trips out of town between now and June 15, I am NOT taking on any new client work beyond light settings and mojo bags. I know most of you already know this; I’m just posting this as a reminder and for the benefit of new readers.

When we reopen for business in mid-August, we should be rolling out a brand new shopping cart with additional shipping options that do not exclude our international customers.  Until then, orders may be placed as usual with the paypal interface.  International customers should be able to make their purchases and pay (either adjusting the shipping amount manually or else paying a lesser amount); I will send a followup invoice for the total or remaining cost of the shipping.

Again, let me express my honest, humbled, and sincere gratitude for the prayers prayed and the good thoughts thought on our behalf over the last couple of weeks. You guys are awesome. 

Happy hoodooing,


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