sales, and each purchase is a chance to win big

So the ebay store is temporarily closed and the website payment buttons have been taken down.  I’m about to be out of the loop until mid-August.  When I come back and reopen for business, it will be with a new storefront and a more user-friendly checkout process for the website (and with fewer products and slightly higher prices for the ebay store — don’t blame me – blame service providers and suppliers raising their rates, sorry!).

However, in the meanwhile, I want to use up some of my perishable stock and make my life easier when it comes time to do inventory in August.  So I’m offering a number of sales here.  Here’s how this works: Each button is "buy it now," not a cart.  You select the category you would like to purchase in, hit the button, and tell me what (one) formula or item from that category you want using the "text" section of the paypal form.  There is NOT a drop-down menu – you have to type the name of the formula (or saint as the case may be).  The item cost includes first-class shipping to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and pretty much anywhere in Europe, though there will be no delivery confirmation or tracking for international packages for this sale and I will not be responsible if customs loses your package or seizes it.  Buy at own risk.

Now here’s why it’s a one-button sale with no cart: Each purchase enters you in for a chance to win the prize associated with its category.  A year or so ago, I ran a raffle to raise funds for the major headwashing events I was doing, and that’s legit in the state where I live, because of the non-profit context and my legally recognized ecclesiastical status.  I can’t do a raffle in this situation though, because this money is going into my "pay my web designer for the new storefront work" fund and thus isn’t benefiting a non-profit religious or spiritual organization — but essentially this sale works like a raffle, in that each purchase enters you into the drawing for the category’s prize. 

So every purchase is really a purchase – you pay $6 for a bottle of Protection oil and you get a bottle of Protection oil.  But along with that oil you have purchased, you are entered into the drawing for the Hoodoo Oils prize.  If you want more than two bottles of oil, you have to complete two transactions, but you get two entries as well.  If you want ten chances to win, you have to make ten purchases.  The sale will end and the buttons will come down Thursday night; each purchase is entered into the hat and the winners are drawn randomly on Friday, their prizes shipped this weekend.

So no, there is no shopping cart and no combined shipping and no shipping discount.  The purpose is to sell stock that has a shelf-life and clear some space off my shelves.  And, along with that, you get a chance to win a potentially substantial prize for the cost of a packet of bath salts or bottle of oil. 

So you can think about it as a sale on certain select items that comes with a chance to win a prize, or you can think of it like buying a raffle ticket that happens to come with a product.  The point here is that legally, I’m not running a raffle.  But the more purchases you make in each category, the more chances to win the category’s prize, basically. 



Category: Holy Medal (your choice): choose from the following saints (or ask if your favorite is not listed): Gerard, Expedite, Michael, OL Czestochowa, Cecilia, Dymphna, Raphael, Joseph, Sebastian, Brigid, Philomena. 

If you prefer a holy card instead of a holy medal, I can probably do that, but ask first if your heart is set on a card – I have more medals in stock than cards.  Medals and cards will ship in a regular first class envelope with a stamp, no delivery confirmation.   The prize will ship like my products usually ship, with padding/packaging and delivery confirmation.

Each $2 purchase enters you to win a two-dram bottle of custom Ultimate Attraction Oil, containing real diamond dust and 24K gold.  Retails at $45 per two dram bottle. 
This is a chance to own one of the highest-end formulas I make, totally customized for you with rare, costly curios and ingredients, for the cost of a fast-food biscuit, if your lucky number comes up.


Ultimate Attraction Oil, containing appropriate essential oils and herbs, including real natural diamond dust, real 24 karat gold, lodestone, and pyrite.  In addition to containing some of the finest, most prized, and most expensive of hoodoo mineral curios, this oil will also be customized for your specific situation. Attraction oil is a general-purpose formula designed to draw love, luck, and money.  When you order, just send me a note telling me the name of the person the oil is for and any details that you want me to consider in making, consecrating, and praying over the bottle. 

The result will be a bottle of Ultimate Attraction Oil powerfully customized for your specific needs and situation.  I can customize for love, for luck, for money, for any combination of emphasis on the three.  I can customize for gambling luck, for luck meeting dating partners, for luck in job hunting, investing, metal-detecting, sales work.  I can customize if you’re looking for a "get lucky tonight" oil, and I can customize for luck in a home, business, or marriage.  I can customize if you’re looking for a dating partner that will spoil you rotten and spend money on you, or a dating partner that is looking for love.   The details are up to you, and legally I can make no claims or guarantees about this oil having any supernatural powers. But I can promise that all customizations will be in an Attraction base that contains real gold and real diamonds as well as other herbs and essential oils prized by rootworkers for generations. And I can promise that this oil will be individually made by me, with full attention to your customization concerns.

Please note that this is a spiritual item and not a cosmetic.  While I try to make my oils with proper dilution levels so that they are safe for use on skin, and the gold dust used in this formula is cosmetic-grade, I have no way of predicting any sensitivities or allergies you might have and I cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions if you choose to use this item as a cosmetic.  If you want to use it for anointing your body, please spot test first by putting a dab on the inside of your elbow, waiting 24 hours, and checking for any irritation, redness, or swelling.  Even in the case of skin safety, this is still not a cosmetic, and if you want to use it over large parts of your body, you will need to dilute it to massage-oil strength using a skin-safe emollient carrier oil like sweet almond oil.  I use NO diethyl phthalate or other nasty chemicals that you find in mass-produced ritual oils.  My oils are all natural.



Category: Bath Salt (your choice): choose from any listed in the Bath Salts, Crystals, and Floor Washes category on this web page:
(Basically, there’s a bath salt for just about every common hoodoo "condition.")

Each $5 purchase enters you to win a "grab bag" of spiritual bath products, with a retail value of at least $30 and possibly more like $80, depending on how many purchases are made in this category. 

The winner of this category’s prize will get whatever I have already made up or mixed up that hasn’t already been sold and that will fit in the box – at least a small flat rate priority mail box.  Prize is guaranteed to contain at least two bottles of my hand-blended liquid castile soap, at least three different types of bath salts, and at least two bars of commercial soap with spiritual properties.  I have no idea exactly what I’m looking at in terms of bath salt quantity – I make them by the jar and sell them by the scooped-out ounce.  I’m looking at a cabinet full of jars containing varying amounts of salts – it looks like I have at least one packet of Spiritual Cleansing bath left in this jar, and then this other jar of Uncrossing bath salts has at least five packets’ worth in it.  Basically, the winner will get a little bit of a lot of different types of salts and soaps, something like a sampler pack.

If there are ten purchases made in this category, I’ll fill a medium flat rate box instead of a small flat rate box, and those medium flat rate boxes hold a lot of stuff, so there would be room for the few already-made bottles of Spiritual Cleansing soap, Attraction Abounds soap, and Can’t Cross Me soap that I have ready to go, as well as for bars of Florida Water soap, St. Michael soap, Patchouli soap – well, you get the idea.

I won’t guarantee a certain mix of stuff in the prize box other than what I have committed to here, but I will try to fill any request the winner has if it doesn’t involve making up brand new huge batches of anything.  (I have a ton of bar soap —  though no more of the Heart and Dart handmade hoodoo soaps, unfortunately — so I can probably fill any request you have for bar soaps.)



Each $2.50 purchase of a bag of pure cedar powder enters you to win a "grab bag" of hoodoo powders, with a retail value of at least $40 (and probably more). 

The winner of this category’s prize will get whatever I have already made up or mixed up that hasn’t already been sold and that will fit in a small flat rate priority mail box.  This will be at least ten one-ounce bags of powder.  I won’t guarantee any particular formulas will be included, but last time I checked I had some Hot Foot powder, maybe half an ounce of Extra Strength Goofer Dust (half a bag), and a good bit of Crown of Success, Kaliprix, and Love Drawing powders, so the winner is probably going to get a sampler pack that looks pretty much like that.  I will try to fill any request the winner has if it doesn’t involve making up brand new huge batches of anything.

Use cedar for benevolent compelling workings – gentler "go away" work, for instance, or work to boost your personal mastery where you don’t want to force someone to grovel under your feet, so much as you just want them to respect you as an equal, for instance.  Use in love workings when things are overall going pretty well, but you need just a little more from them in one particular area – say, communication, or taking turns with the laundry, or whatever, where you’re not trying to bring dominance into the relationship.



Category: Hoodoo Condition Oils (your choice):  choose from the list available in the Hoodoo Condition Oils category on this web page:
(Sorry, but this sale does not extend to oils in the Voodoo and Specialty Oils category – just Hoodoo Condition oils.)

Each $6 purchase enters you for a chance to win a semi-random assortment of at least ten bottles of hoodoo, voodoo, and esoteric oils, depending entirely on what base oils I have mixed that need to be used before August. 

When I make oils, the essential oils go into carrier oil in a one-ounce or four-ounce bottle, depending on how popular the condition oil is and how fast that amount sells – I make one ounce of voodoo base oil at a time, but I make four ounces of Hot Foot base oil at a time, for instance.  When you buy a bottle of oil from me, I fill a two-dram bottle with the appropriate herbs, pour the blended oil base over the herbs from the mother bottle, and prayerfully consecrate your bottle of oil. 

This raffle is for at least ten two-dram bottles – I won’t guarantee any particular bottles, but if you win, you can send a list of preferences that I will try to meet. Ultimately, it depends on what I can get out of the various bottles full of base oils I have already blended, though – that’s the point of having this sale/prize thing now :-).  So while I’m not likely to have a ton of Plagues of Egypt oil on hand, I am likely to have your usual common love, luck, and money formulas on hand, and I know there is a bit of Song of Solomon left too, though perhaps not a full two drams’ worth. So this could be a seriously sweet prize.

Most oils retail for anywhere from $5-$8, so this prize is at least $50 worth of oil, probably more.  If there are twenty orders in this category, I’ll go up to the next size priority mail box, which is 7x7x6 – that will hold at least twenty bottles of oil.

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