Jewelry clearance sale

I haven’t had a chance to make any new jewelry or rosaries lately, been too busy, but here are a few pieces on sale for the next 48 hours.  First-come, first-served; email me at karmazain@gmail dot com (with subject line "jewelry sale") if you want one of these, tell me which one, and where I’d be shipping to, and I’ll send you a paypal invoice for the total with shipping (it will probably be $2.50 for US first class shipping, $3.50 for international first class, though be aware there is no tracking or delivery confirmation for international packages shipped first class). 

St. Gerard wrap rosary bracelet – $20

This striking wrap bracelet is beaded rosary-style.  Matte violet glass seed beads are separated by fire polished, faceted Czech glass beads in a smoky, lustrous range of greys with AB finish.  Centerpiece is a vintage aluminum saints medal of St. Gerard Majella, imported from Belgium. One size will fit all.

Handmade Infant of Prague rosary – $25  SOLD

This completely handmade chaplet is a Karma Zain original, and absolutely one of a kind.  It’s made of three sets of twelve glass beads separated by handblown Murano teardrop beads accented with silver foil.  Hanging from the center is a rare vintage aluminum medal of the Infant of Prague, imported from Belgium.  

Absolutely one of a kind.


Erzulie Freda necklace – $20

This one of a kind rosary necklace is made with Czech and pressed glass seed and e-beads in Freda’s colors.  Decades are separate by pink and blue crackle-glass beads, foil-lined blue heart-shaped beads, and tiny lustrous Czech glass heart beads.  Focal point is a series of stunning pink Czech glass beads lined with silver foil, surrounding a vintage aluminum medal of the Virgin Mary imported from Belgium.

Damballah and Aida Wedo necklace – $25

Choker style memory-wire necklace is made with clear glass Czech beads and iridescent glass Czech beads in jewel and forest tones to shine with the colors of the rainbow.  Metal egg-shaped spacer beads separate groups of ten beads in alternating colors.

Serpent charm is sterling silver.

Road Opener Hoodoo Rosary necklace – $25 SOLD

One of a kind rosary necklace hand-assembled here at Karma Zain, one bead and eye pin at a time.  Stunning glass beads with red and gold metallic swirls form four "decades" of 7 beads each, separated by lustrous red and gold Italian glass "pater" beads.  Centerpiece is a gold foil Murano-style bead, from which hangs a pendant with a full color image of Ganesh.
Decade loop is just over 10" from end to end, with ends held together.  Entire piece is app. 12.5" from end to end.

Comes with clasp.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help rosary necklace – $20

This completely handmade chaplet necklace is a Karma Zain original, and absolutely one of a kind.  Made in bronze and blue tones, it features lampwork glass beads in a pretty blues with pink and gold accents, separated by two "pater beads" of lustrous blue Czech glass with a subtle silver foil lining.  Centerpiece is a full color medal of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, imported from Brazil, framed with Swarovski crystals.  Has a lobster-style clasp.

Decade loop is just over 9 inches with ends held together.  Entire piece is app. 10.5" with ends held together. 

Sacred Heart earrings and necklace – $20

Cast gold-toned Sacred Heart earrings are embellished with dazzling Czech cathedral beads in faceted ruby-toned glass.  Matching necklace’s pendant hangs from an 18" chain

The dark-gold "vintage" patina and blood-red glint of this jewelry set give it a gorgeous, but subdued, look.  These re-purposed Sacred Heart rosary centers have a slightly medieval aura about them – while they will definitely catch the light, especially in low-light and backlit environments, they are not flashy, glassy, or trashy looking, and their cast construction makes them *look* much heavier than they are. This lightweight and affordable matching set looks serious and dignified when worn (and the necklace would look very striking and romantic on a ribbon choker – if you think you would rather wear it on a different type of necklace and need a larger jump ring than the one pictured, just let me know. I can make that change for you at no additional cost). 

The earrings hang app. 2.25 inches from the center of the earlobe.  Not counting the ear-wire, the hearts with their accompanying bead and chain embellishments measure app. 1.5 inches.  

In some branches of African Diasporic religions, the sacred heart surmounted with a crown of thorns is emblematic of the loa Erzulie.  This spiritually-inspired set is a subtle and stylish way to honor your religious traditions without drawing too much attention to them, if you work in a conservative environment.

Mary Magdalene rosary wrap bracelet – $10

Rosary-style wrap bracelet is made of lustrous red Czech glass beads separated by gorgeous pink fire-polished Czech glass faceted pater beads.  In the center is a pewter medal of Mary Magdalene offset by two striking clear beads with red centers. 

St. Benedict chaplet bracelet – $12

This St. Benedict rosary bracelet (technically a chaplet) is made from metal beads with St. Benedict’s cross on one side and St. Benedict’s image on the other, and round black glass beads.  A beautifully detailed crucifix hangs from one end and a St. Benedict medal from the other.  Comes with lobster clasp.

Immaculate Heart of Mary rosary necklace – $20

Stunning and delicate rosary made with tiny faceted Czech glass beads (imported directly from the Czech Republic).  It has a lobster clasp so you can wear it, and the centerpiece is full-color resin medal of the Virgin Mary with a bronze-toned frame decorated with rhinestones (imported from Brazil).

Decade loop of rosary is about 10.5" long with ends held together.

St. Dymphna chaplet bracelet – $5

Wrap bracelet is made with St. Dymphna’s colors, with clear, red, and green glass seed beads and e-beads.    Centerpiece is a pewter St. Dymphna medal.  One size fits all.

St. Charles Borromeo voodoo rosary bracelet – Bossou – $5

Wrap bracelet is made with delicate Japanese glass seed beads separated by unique black-and-red two-tone "pater" beads.  Centerpiece is a pewter medal of  St. Charles Borromeo.  One size fits all.

St. Patrick / St. Brigid chaplet bracelet – $12 SOLD

12 strikingly textured art glass beads in an aurora borealis green with gold shamrocks are offset with a medal of St. Patrick and a cross.  Completely handmade.

Traditionally, you begin by reciting the Apostle’s Creed, then a Glory Be on each of the twelve green beads, then conclude with The Breastplate of St. Patrick on the medal.

Chaplet is about 9.5 inches long from end to end.  It has a clasp so it can be worn as a bracelet.

Vintage medal Our Lady of Mt. Carmel necklace – $12

18" necklace features two-sided vintage holy medal of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on one side, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the other.  Aluminum medal is imported from Belgium.

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