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The AIRR tech team folks are telling me that I need to update my AIRR listing with testimonials.  I have never solicited testimonials and I don’t have any.  

I realize that I have probably lost a lot of fans over the past few months what with various crazy-ass things coming up, planned and unplanned, multiple trips out of town and family business, and a whole bunch of "day job" stuff, that have meant my presence has not been as consistent as it used to be. 

But if any of y’all I’ve worked for or read for have a second to share a sentence or two about my work, or want to give me permission to use a sentence or two from emails you’ve sent me, I sure would appreciate it (I would of course remove any identifying info, and they’d be signed with initials only, so your privacy would be respected).  If you do have a sec and wanted to email me at karmazain@gmail dot com, that would be so very much appreciated.

If you want to let me have it for pissing you off, you can do that, though I probably won’t read just yet as I have a shitton of stuff to do before I leave Saturday.

Meanwhile, don’t forget there are only 24 more hours for the raffle-that’s-not-a-raffle and the jewelry sale (see last two posts for info), and that’s all there’ll be product-wise ’til August.

Finally, when I was zipping back and forth between three states for a couple of weeks there, I refunded just about all the readings and consultations I had in queue since I was not able to give a definite date on when I could finish them.  I wasn’t online long enough to do more than check for emergencies for a few weeks there, so I got real far behind in communication and am still not caught up.  HOWEVER, one of the benefits about not doing any altar or formula work for a while, since I won’t be around my altars or herbs or oils, is that I will have more time to spend actually typing and laying cards. I don’t figure I’ll be online every day while I’m traveling, but I figure I’ll be caught up on readings and consults in queue within two weeks, and can probably handle a few more for folks who don’t mind working through email. But more on that when I get a sense of what my daily demands will be for the rest of the summer.  I will be pretty busy, so things won’t be quite back to where they were last year in terms of turnaround time (and I won’t be able to do anything but regular old card or pendulum work – nothing requiring any special equipment, altars, locations, or offerings), but they should get a hell of a lot better than they were the last few months, anyway.

SO if I refunded your consultation or reading fee but you still want insight on the same issue, holler at me – I still have your notes if you emailed them, and I will bump you to the top of the queue of any new incoming bookings and tell you how to make sure you get the discounted consultation rate instead of the regular rate.  Be sure to mention that I told you you could have a discount on account of my canceling your previous booking, or else I might not remember.

Current reading/consult queue, in order they are being done:

P.M. (2 of 2)

Current work and/or light reports in the process of being typed up and/or documented, forthcoming soonest:

J.R. (two)

Booked ages ago for some uncertain point in the future "when things settle down" or "when we can get together face to face" or "when something comes up::

+ B. (I know I owe you at least one from when you booked a "sixpack" a couple of years ago!)

Thanks again for reading and commenting, and for bearing with me these last few months as things went a little sideways a few times, and I wish you all a happy Summer.  I sure do appreciate y’all.

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