status update

I was supposed to have wireless where I am, and that didn’t turn out to be true at first. I didn’t get reliable wireless access in my room until about a week ago (and even that isn’t really wireless – I’m usually using an ethernet cable which tethers me a short distance from the wall).  And my weeks have meant I have slept only about 6 or 7 hours a night, tops, and am out working all day.  Frankly, it hasn’t been a lot of fun and it’s a more hectic pace, with app. 80-hour workweeks, than I’d like.

That will slow down as of this coming Thursday (so in about a week).  I have several big deadlines coming up in the next few days and then I expect more of my time will be my own. I will check email again for the first time in about five days, and I will finish these readings I’ve been too exhausted to finish when I get to my room every night.

So I expect if you’ve been waiting to hear from me, you’ll hear from within a week.

One perk is that I am staying near a St. Michael’s church, a lovely little one, and I walk down when I can to light a candle at his altar. I will try to post a picture when things calm down.

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