taking rosary requests, and status update

I’m back from my overseas travels as of this evening, and will begin plowing through the email inbox tomorrow.  The website store is still closed, as when I reopen it, there will be a whole new storefront and checkout (and it’s going to take me a while to work the kinks out, so I’m not technically open until the 15th – I hope I can figure out the new storefront by then!).  If you are in need of something before then, send me an email and I can set you up with an invoice (though give me a bit to get caught up on email).

I expect it will take me a few days at minimum to get through the email, so please be patient with me just a bit longer.  I have relisted a few things on the ebay store.  My mom is here and we are going to work on some rosaries tonight and tomorrow, as my brain and body are a little too jet-lagged for anything requiring coherent typing, but vegging on the sofa with beads and pliers seems just about my speed right now.

So if there’s a rosary you’d like to see, holler at me – some of my rarer beads might not be in stock right now, but I can do most types of rosary, and my mom has a great eye for design, so I’m curious to see what she’ll come up with too.  So if you have had something in your mind’s eye, leave a comment – we could use the inspiration!

I have some very special graveyard dirt too – but more on that later.

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