on custom work and divination

I very much understand that folks who order things and who order readings or divination are eager to get their orders.  I get that.

What I wish people would get is that I put a hell of a lot of time and effort into everything I make and every reading and consult I do.  I do it all by myself – I don’t have a shop with a bunch of employees.  Sometimes I have help putting labels on things, and sometimes I have help running things to the post office, and sometimes I have help with the email backlog and voicemail.  But I do not have regular help with any in-house orders during the creation process, and I obviously do all my readings myself.

I do not "lose" orders and I do not "lose" reading requests.  On the occasions when it’s looked like I haven’t been able to give a solid timeframe for when I could complete a reading or consult given the number I already had in queue, I have issued a refund.  I am always happy to give refunds for folks who book before asking the turnaround time, or who have a deadline I can’t meet, assuming I have not already begun the work.

Things take time.  And I have to have a day off occasionally or I will go mad.  So a two week estimate is a two week estimate.  Sometimes candles take longer than expected to burn. Sometimes consults end up being more complicated and involved than usual.  Sometimes my computer gets a virus, or I get a virus.  Sometimes my supplier sends my herbs via parcel post instead of priority mail. In short, shit happens, and while it may be a character flaw of mine to get annoyed at being nagged, it’s nevertheless true that I get really annoyed when people nag me about their stuff.  If I can’t fill the order, I won’t take the order.  If I can fill the order, and I’ve accepted your payment, then I’m filling it.

If at 14 days you send me an email asking where your stuff is, it is not going to hurry me up.  Your email has not found me sitting on my butt on the sofa dawdling, needing a boot in my ass to get moving.  Your email has interrupted me and slowed me down as I worked on finishing your order or item.  I have to stop working on orders to get through the email queue.  If half the email queue is "where is my order," I get pretty cranky by the time I’m done answering email for the day.

So if you are in a giant hurry, you don’t want to order from me.  I can recommend other folks to you who are able to be faster.

And if you like to send "just checking on the status of my order" emails, then you don’t want to order from me.  Because you will probably end up on my no-fly list and I will stop accepting your orders.

By all means, if you haven’t heard from me in a reasonable amount of time (recognizing that 2 business days is probably the soonest I can reply to any email, and that is if it doesn’t involve divination or lots of typing), then go ahead and write to make sure I got it.  But if you know I set your light or started your reading, then trust me that you will get the report when I am finished with it.  Asking me about it isn’t going to hurry me up – it’s going to slow me down.  If you aren’t cool with that, then you will want to find another reader or worker to work with, because you and I will be unhappy with each other.

This has been a public service announcement from Karma Zain, who loves this work and doesn’t want you to wear the shoe if it doesn’t fit you.

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