packaging – your opinions wanted

The labels I use for the lip balm that Lor is making *suck* – and that sucks ’cause the lip balm is cool.  The labels just don’t do right on the lip balm tubes (my apologies to those of you who have ordered it and had the stupid label curl up). I have been trying to get away with the same label for everything, but I am going to have to bite the bullet and invest in a different label style here pretty soon. 

While I’m giving this thought, I was wondering if you guys would like your bath salts to come in packaging other than the little ziploc bag I put them in. 

I often send along free muslin bags, and I could simply package the salts in there, but there’s a potential spillage problem unless I knot them really tight, and I don’t want to do that because the amount of bath salts I send in an order can often be split into two baths, or one bath and one laundry rinse.  So I hate to make the packaging something where you can’t adjust your amount each time. That’s the same doubt I have about changing the packaging to "bath teabags" (just like a teabag, only larger, with the salts sealed inside), though I haven’t ruled out experimenting with this.

Another option – maybe not an alternative but an additional thing I could do – would be larger packaging options for folks who’d like to scoop their own out or put them in their own packaging at home (jars or whatever).  The majority of salts I sell are one packet at a time, so I just don’t know if there’d be a lot of interest in larger packages.  Would there be?

And finally – I only have one formula that I currently sell as a spray, and the reason I haven’t done anything else in the spray bottles is because the packaging would raise the price by a good bit.  But there’s no reason I couldn’t put most of my spiritual washes and waters into a spray bottle, and there’s no reason I couldn’t put my liquid soaps into a pump bottle. I just haven’t done it, in the interest of keeping prices down.  But I could, if this would make y’all’s lives easier.   Would you guys keep up on your spiritual hygiene more easily if I offered different packaging options?

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