I know I’ve risked making this blog  nothing but a bunch of negativity lately, and I am sorry; I want to publicly acknowledge the support, advice, encouragement, and kindnesses I’ve received from so many of my colleagues as well as my wonderful, honest clients and customers.  Even a friendly facebook comment is so appreciated right now as I dig myself out of this hole; you guys are why one jerk can’t and won’t take me down.

I have had an excellent reputation on ebay since 2002 and as a reader on online third-party sites, with easily locatable and verifiable independent feedback and ratings, since I returned to the US from Germany in 2002 and began reading and offering services online (after fourteen years of reading for friends, acquaintances, and friend-referred people in the US and Europe).  I know I am not perfect and I’m not always as tactful as I could be, but I *am* honest, and I do work extremely hard.  You guys are the proof and the reason for my doing this work, and I couldn’t do any of it without you.  I appreciate your support so much.

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