Ten Year Anniversary Customer Thank-You “Secret Link”

This isn't precisely hidden, but it won't go into my regular newsfeed because I've backdated it, and I've backdated it for so long ago that nobody casually browsing the blog should see it.  So only you few established customers and clients who received a snail-mail Thank You and invitation from me have access to this offer.  I am celebrating ten years since I hung out my shingle to the public as a reader, spiritual advisor, supplier of conjure products, and rootworker, and I couldn't have done it without you.

Choose a free gift with your next purchase, available directly through my shop at karmazain.com or through any third-party site where I list products or services – etsy, bonanza, eBay, my livejournal userinfo page, even my AIRR page where you can book light settings.  The site doesn't matter and the product or service doesn't matter – so yes, you can order a light setting and still qualify, and you can order a $2 holy card and qualify.  You can be overseas and qualify. All that matters is that you check out through paypal, no matter where – and you use the "note to seller"/"instructions to merchant" box as you are checking out through the paypal system. Leave a note in that box to tell me that you are claiming your Ten Year Anniversary gift and tell me what gift set you want.

The "gift set" is a votive candle, bath salt, and condition oil combo.  You can choose pretty much any condition oil and let me send a corresponding bath and candle (not every formula can be made into a candle, so if you wanted Kaliprix, I could send the oil but with a Love candle; there is no Kaliprix candle because all those herbs can't be made into a candle – but the combo would work together. Make sense?)

So you can name a general condition – success, love drawing, money, gambling – and let me send an appropriate combo. Or you can name a specific formula, such as:

Crown of Success
Better Business
Boss Fix
Cast Off Evil
Love Drawing
Money Drawing
King Solomon Wisdom
Peaceful Home
Cut and Clear
Easy Life
Fast Luck
Steady Work
St. Michael
Stop Gossip
St. Expedite
Follow Me Boy/Girl
Jinx Killer
House Blessing
Fiery Wall of Protection
Psychic Vision
Road Opener
Sovereign Queen
Master Key
Van Van
… or anything else I make a condition oil for (you can see most of the oils at my website here.)

You have plenty of time to claim your gift – I probably won't take this post down until Summer 2012 if I even do then, so no rush. I want you to be able to take advantage of this without feeling rushed to make a purchase you don't need if you aren't planning a purchase right away.  The only way I can imagine taking this down earlier is if this link gets into the hands of people who did not receive an invitation/thank you in the mail, and in that case I will think of some alternate way to do this and put up instructions for it here.

So thank you for your business and support, and for trusting me with your spiritual and spiritual supplies needs. I wouldn't be here without you guys!

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