bear with me on communication

The weather has been unusually craptastic here in the atlanta area for the past few days, hasn’t gotten above frezing since saturday. I usually try to take saturday and sunday away from email and use that time to do family stuff, type up candle burning reports and altar work reports from the previous week, take necessary trips to rivers and cemeteries, etc., catch up on longer emails that I’ve been pecking away at in draft form during the week, do any painting or crafting that needs to be done outdoors, etc. Then I get back to regular business as usual on sun night and catch up on the weekend email. But we’re having intermittent power outages and blinks, and so its been all I can do to get shpping labels printed today. When the power comes back on, the dsl internet doesn’t always come with it. I’m looking at five light setting reports I need to send and two more that I thought I sent week before last but realised yesterday are still sitting in my drafts folder (sorry p.s., luv ya and didn’t forget about ya, am just brain-dead!!) And four consultations and I don’t even want to think about the readings. I’m posting this update via text msg so pardon any clunky-thumb typos. Hope to be back up to spped asap and I’m really sorry for the lack of response today and last night – bear with me just a bit more, y’all. We southerners don’t always have the smartest and. Best trained resposns to inclement weather haha… You should see us actually try to drive with a dusting of genuine snow on the ground! So a prayer to st expedite for quick return of stable power and internet would be most appreciated and would be a better use of your energy than fussin’ at me right now :-). Also, don’t forget that dec is the busiest time of year for the us post office – packages just plain take longer this time of year, esp. When bad weather messes with the roads and’or runways. Stay warm and happy hoodooin’, folks!

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