holiday closure heads up – 20 Dec – 3 Jan

I don’t know yet exactly when I’ll be visiting home for the holidays, but I do know that if you want a light setting, a mojo bag, a chicken foot, a paket, altar work, or a consultation to begin or happen this month, you need to book it by Thursday the 16th.  I will probably be closing up shop for everything else by the 20th or so, but anything custom or with a longer-than-usual handling time or turnaround time that is booked after Thursday the 16th will not get started, looked at, begun etc until I reopen sometime after New Years’ (probably the 9th at the absolute latest – possibly before then, but no promises).

I am so far behind on full readings that I am not going to book any more of those for a while until I get caught up – it’s just pathetic how long they’re taking me and it makes me feel really guilty and pressured to have them pile up like this.  Consultations don’t work the same way – they don’t require as much in terms of blocks of uninterrupted time, so they get done more quickly and I’ll still be booking those as usual.

If you *have already booked* a consultation or light setting, you will get your report before I leave town.

ETA: We will be closed from 20 December until 3 January.  If you place an order for something non-custom before I leave town the weekend after Christmas, I can probably ship it, but I am going to officially close up shop so I can stem the tide of incoming stuff and thereby get caught up on stuff that’s been piling up before I leave.  So I will still be here for a big chunk of the time that I’m closed, but I’m going to be pretending I’m not here so I can focus on typing up candle reports and consultations.  If you placed an order already or have work in progress, don’t panic – I’m closing a bit early so I can take care of you before I actually go on vacation 🙂

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