status update – roads better but then i got sick

The roads have improved a bit lately and the mail finally ran in my neighborhood on Saturday (yesterday), for the first time in a week. However, UPS and FedEx have not made it to my neighborhood yet. I am still waiting on one dram bottles, several herbs, and candle wax.  I get my vigil candles locally, but haven’t been able to get there.due to road conditions  If you have an order in that involves any of these things, it might still be a day or two before I can begin your order.  I expect to be back up to speed this week (though tomorrow, Monday, is a federal holiday and mail etc won’t be running, so even the packages I got the USPS to pick up Saturday will not be getting to you in a day or two due to this and due to the serious backlog the USPS is dealing with right now).

I made it out of the neighborhood once last week, on Thursday, to get groceries. I promptly got sick. I finally got off the couch for more than an hour today, I’m not up to full speed right now, so please bear with me.  There is a long, long queue of email, a significant backlog of orders waiting to be packed and shipped, and I am not quite firing on all cylinders at the moment; I just run out of energy pretty quickly.

So, sorry again for any delays, and again I hope to get caught up this week (and get my UPS and FedEx shipments in from my suppliers!!!!! like tomorrow!!)

Stay safe, warm, and hydrated, y’all, and happy Martin Luther King day.

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