status update / order status and shipping situation

Ok, my one- and two-dram bottles were finally delivered yesterday, I got my wax shipments in (I use a special kind of wax that I can’t buy locally for my custom mojo pendants), and I have enough of the herbs I need to fill orders in-house (even though I’m still waiting on the major delivery – I had to "borrow a cup of white clover flower" so to speak 🙂 )

It’s 6 am here and I’ve been up all night filling orders that have been on hold due to the weather insanity that produced USPS, FedEx, and UPS insanity through this past weekend.  Once I get my daughter delivered to school in a couple of hours, I’ll get these orders delivered to the post office.  Then I will probably collapse, so if you’re waiting on an email, you may have to wait a little longer, sorry.  The product end of things got really backed up when the entire city shut down for a week.

Thanks for your patience – if your order is a bit late and it’s going out in this batch AND you haven’t been a jerk about it, you’ll probably be getting a free gift.

Also, please keep in mind that handling times are *business days* – not calendar days.  Monday was a federal holiday in the US – the mail does not run.  Weekends don’t count either 🙂

Now, cross your fingers for me that the new batch of snow headed our way does not stick to the ground!

Happy hoodooing,


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