new art shrines and altar pieces

Click the lj cut to see more pics of Gabriel, St. Expedite, OL of Czestochowa, and a non-denominational Love shrine.
New items at ebay and at bonanza.

2 thoughts on “new art shrines and altar pieces

  1. These are lovely! We have a lot in common creatively. I am a mixed media artist too and i love showing the Saints some love by making art for them. I like adding dimensional details, especially halos. Your use of the cherubs in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help piece is genius! I knew i couldn’t be the only artist who hoodoo-ed up her devotional work for the Saints. It is the primary way i pray and do workings, creating art for Them. It makes me happy to finally cross paths with another creative person who loves the Saints and who actively cultivates and experiences the spiritual connection and power of making beauty for Them. Rock on!


  2. Dear St. Expedite,

    thank you for your great Works. They are wonderful, I appreciate.

    Please forgive my rudeness and ignorance and urgently and expeditely return everything you may have angrily taken away from me.


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