upcoming “vacation” / closure dates March 4-17

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed from Friday March 4th through Wednesday March 16.  We will reopen on the 17th and will begin responding to correspondence in the order it was received.

Closure status and dates appear on EVERY ebay item listing and in bright red in the store header.  Each item listing has ebay’s default "the seller is away until ___" bar on it with a red flag next to it.  Despite my putting this information absolutely everywhere possible, some buyers just don’t see/read/absorb it.  (I can’t make it any bigger – that is how ebay does it and I can’t edit it.)  If you are one of these buyers and have a crisis and want to cancel the transaction because you did not notice that you placed an order while the store was closed, use the "Contact Seller" button to send me a message and ask me to cancel the order.  I will happily do this without pushing the button that dings buyers for unpaid items, but you have to request the cancellation, let me put it in, and then push the button to agree not to complete the transaction, so be patient – someone will check messages at least once during the closure looking for cancellation requests (no other messages will be responded to until we reopen), and it does require a series of steps.  Otherwise, I ‘ll start processing orders as quickly as possible when I open the store back up on the 17th.

If you have already contracted altar work, your service will not be interrupted.  (I am not traveling out of town, but my days and nights are completely spoken for during this time and I will not be answering email or filling orders at all).  If you want altar work to happen before my "vacation," you need to book it before Friday, March 4th.  If you want an order shipped before rather than after my "vacation," you need to place it by Friday afternoon.

I am not actually going to be on vacation – I just have some big stuff going on that week, including some major school deadlines and the matter of a few tarot readings whose recipients have been waiting a while that I need to get finished up, and I can’t ever manage to do this with new orders and consultations coming in every day, so I need some "catch up time."  I also really, really need to get the last of the tax paperwork together.  I will NOT answer emails during these dates, but will answer them in the order they are received when I reopen.

If you and I have been corresponding about altar work and you needed it to start before mid-month and I did not tell you it was impossible, relax – I am not going to leave you hanging.  one of the reasons I’m doing the closure is so i can get caught up without new stuff coming in every day.  So I WILL be getting back to you – I am just not able to answer any of the 100-odd brand-new emails that come in every 30 or so hours right now – if you write about something new, you’ll get a form letter; I have to take care of my existing clients before I can even think about taking any new ones.  For this reason, I am NOT taking new clients for any altar work beyond mojo bags and light settings right now.  My altars and schedule are full.  Please have a look at the links list to the right, and/or my userinfo page, and/or the AIRR site, for links to reader and workers I can recommend.

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