questions you’ve asked – on rosaries (and on emails bouncing lately)

I’m answering this one here instead of directly because my reply email to the person who wrote bounced.  So this is one bounce from an AOL addy and one bounce from a addy – I’m only getting a code instead of a narrative reason for the bounce, and it says "contact the recipient domain for more information" or whatever, but something about my email is not pleasing some people’s servers or spam filters. I do NOT send out bulk emails from my gmail account, and in fact the only newsletter I send out is the ebay one that you have to manually sign up for, and that comes from ebay, not me — and I have everything forwarded to my gmail account for exactly this reason, so that I won’t end up on any spam lists b/c of my addy or anything.  Yet I suspect this is some sort of spam filtering metric.  Bah. Anyway.

J in Michigan writes, regarding my Seven Rays rosary on flickr:

Hello —
I found you through your stunning images on Flickr, and fell in love with the Seven Rays version.  Are you making rosaries at this time?  If so, I would deeply appreciate any details you might share….  Thank you, bless you….

My reply:

Dear J –

Thanks so much for your kind words about my work 🙂

I haven’t had time to make much in the way of rosaries lately ,unfortunately, but I have a list of things to make when I can steal a minute, and a new 7 Rays rosary is right at the top.  When I make new OOAK stuff, I usually post about it at my blog, which automatically updates my facebook and twitter feed, so if you wanted to follow any of those channels, you’d be among the first to know when I get new pieces finished.  I’m in the process of trying to scale down the time I have to spend in things like answering ebay questions over and over again and processing shipments manually etc so that I have more time free to get back to making stuff, which is why I started doing this in the first place 🙂 so hopefully I’ll reach a healthier balance that gives me more time for creativity and spiritual art soon.



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