status update + chicken foot inventory (sold out)

Hey happy hoodooers,

I am not out from under tax season yet.  If you have never run a small business, well, let me assure you, I’d rather have a root canal, and I would DEFINITELY rather be answering your emails.  But I am a little bit behind on emails, light setting reports, and consultations right now — basically anything requiring typing.  Altar work is not interrupted, and shipping isn’t held up too bad, BUT *I HAVE JUST RUN OUT OF CHICKEN FEET.*  I have some more in prep (or rather my mom does) but it will be a few weeks before they’ll be ready.  I do have large and small turkey feet in stock and ready to go right now and would be happy to substitute a small turkey foot for a chicken foot if you don’t want to wait on the chicken feet (the smaller turkey feet are approximately chicken-foot sized), and I do have genuine black rooster feathers to use in decorating them.

As for emails, reports, and other typing, I’m doing the best I can.  I hope to be out from under my current mess by mid-week next week and back to regular, well, everything.

I have not forgotten about the drawing for a free bottle of oil for those who entered by leaving a comment by the deadline; I’m just behind on that too 🙂  I’ll email the winner when I get a chance to assign the numbers and do the randomizing thingy.

Happy spring,

Karma Zain

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