three limited edition auctions for half-ounce bottles of oil

I rarely do auctions, and if you shop with me you know I don’t do half-ounce bottles of oil at this time.

Right now, you have a chance to get a limited-edition half-ounce bottle of St. Michael, St. Gerard, or St. Jude oil at a fraction of the cost of a two-dram bottle. 

And don’t forget that nearly all my regular in-stock items are listed at bonanza, usually at a significant discount from eBay. The plan is to keep the bonanza store fully stocked and to only stock one of a kind jewelry, custom stuff, and a basic array of commonly-requested oils, salts, etc at eBay.  Every month it seems like, they introduce a new measure to make life harder and more expensive for small sellers, and they are about to make doing business on ebay even more difficult and expensive, yet again, in June, which will result in yet ANOTHER price increase if I’m to stay afloat.  I don’t like raising my prices on y’all when my material cost doesn’t go up and the cost of doing business is related to third-party site overhead and is avoidable.  So I remain confirmed in my intention to move stock and business off eBay. I’m always happy to list something for you if you don’t want to learn your way around another site, but I just can’t afford to keep a full inventory at eBay anymore. They have made it nearly impossible for me to make a profit on smaller items like medals, oils, and bath salts, so you will not be able to find everything you could want there past this summer.  And, I’m still waiting on the web guy to finish the final tweaks on the new website store that I have been promising for over six months – it has not been abandoned, just ran into some problems.  It will eventually have a full inventory list of oils, salts, and powders as well, though the eBay store will always have custom stuff and jewelry and the occasional auction (auctions are my "gift" to y’all – I almost always lose money on them, but I’m so grateful to you guys for sticking with me even though I spend so much time bitching about eBay that I like to do them every once in a while to say "thanks" – because I am fully aware I couldn’t do any of this store stuff without y’all).

I’m out of town now and will be back Sunday late, and life should be back to normal by Tuesday.  I should be coming back with a new batch of dirt dauber nest, hopefully some new bones, and a new batch of chicken feet which should be ready to go in a week or two.

Happy hoodooing!


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