closed [ETA: 15-23 May] (so I can catch my breath)

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed from 14 May through 20 May ETA: through 23 May

The tornadoes and storms slowed me way down, what with being offline for a few days and related issues with mail (both outgoing AND incoming, meaning some of my supplies were delayed).  I made a monumental effort to get caught up on emails, shipments, and consultations last week, but i wasn’t able to get quite caught up.

And THEN, because the universe has a really great sense of humor, my computer got sick (in its defense, my teenager was fooled by malware that deactivates your antivirus program while posing as a Windows-packaged antivirus program and encouraging you to download even more stuff to get rid of trojans etc that you don’t actually have.  She was smart enough to know something was wrong and didn’t do what it told her to do, but it left us wide open just long enough to royally screw my already-over-packed schedule, so I’ve been mostly offline since Wednesday taking care of our sick computers – it took ALL DAY THURSDAY to run a boot scan on this laptop. EIGHT HOURS.  Fail.  Guess which computer has the customer/order/client info on it?).

Since I’m still really far behind on emails and reports and have a stack of orders in-house that is no joke (just one or the other would be fine, but I’m drowning under both), I am going to close the store until I can get caught up.  I am not going out of town; I just need ot tend to orders that are already placed and current work in progress before I take on any new stuff.  So if you are waiting on me from last week or prior, I’ll be in touch as soon as I can – I have 77 messages at ebay alone to get through, and hundreds in my gmail account, so please bear with me.  Any new business will not get a response until I reopen, though – sorry. got to fulfill my current obligations before I can deal with any new ones. I’ll update when that day comes 🙂

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