closed through 23 May + inventory changes

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Guys, I am still not caught up.  The tornadoes followed by the computer virus coincided with a much larger than usual influx of light settings all at the same time, and added on to the usual list of consultations AND a small handful of altar work cases that are more time-intensive and long-term than most.  I am still behind and I was supposed to reopen tomorrow.

As such, I can’t reopen the ebay store or handle new email queries until I have both caught up AND pulled some stock off ebay. My web guy has still not gotten my new website cart going – I hope he’s still alive, he hasn’t answered my emails either – and I was hoping to get that going before I slashed the ebay inventory. But I can’t wait anymore; there are too many ebay buyers who suck the life out of me by sending twelve questions about a $5 order, or ask twenty questions and never buy anything, or send the infuriating "where is my item" message when the delivery confirmation number has been emailed to them AND is visible in their "my eBay" AND they have been given multiple links to the FAQ AND the payment acknowledgment email explains how shipping procedures work and the amount of time that has to pass before I can put in a trace request with the post office.  It’s driving me insane and I’m going to end up taking a hostage.  That time-suck and energy-suck combined with ebay’s fees which are changing yet again means I have a quality of life issue that I cannot solve when all my business is going through eBay.  (Bonanza just isn’t a viable alternative – I will keep stock there, but traffic there is barely a trickle.  The checkout is too time-consuming and confusing for most of y’all, I think, and the booth is hard to navigate if you don’t already know what you’re looking for, and also people don’t like to learn their way around a new site when there are other alternatives – even when bottles of oil are nearly a dollar cheaper on bonanza.)

So I’m staying closed through Monday to try to get these emails and reports I owe sent out, and then pull a bunch of smaller items from ebay.  Right now, you can get most hoodoo oils, salts, and powders, and most voodoo and esoteric oils, through my website.  And I haven’t relisted at bonanza in a while, but I intend to keep a full stock there since it doesn’t cost me anything if the items sit there and don’t sell – it costs me to have them sit there on ebay.  If I ever get my new shopping cart, I’ll have full stock at the web store excepting one of a kind items, which will stay on ebay and bonanza simultaneously.  And of course you can always write me with a list of what you want, and I will create a paypal invoice for you if you want to go that route.  But if you have been meaning to shop on ebay for multiple smaller things like medals, oils, salts, and powders, now is the time to do it, because by Tuesday you won’t be able to get everything on ebay anymore.  (You can still see the inventory – there’s just a red-flag "closed" notice on each page while I’m closed.)

For the overwhelming majority of you who are reading this and who are kind, patient, awesome clients, colleagues, and practitioners who do not suck, thanks so much for bearing with me during these hiccups lately.  And for those of you who aren’t reading this because you never read anything and who have been driving me out of my gourd by pestering me, buh-bye!!!!!  I have never blocked so many bidders as in the last five months – I don’t know where eBay has been advertising, but they have brought me some pain in my ass with some non-paying bidders and nuts with unrealistic expectations.  It’s become a quality of life issue, and I would rather keep y’all, the customers I have and love, and not see my client base grow than have a couple of bad apples ruin it for everybody.  I’d rather stay small and not crazy than see growth at the expense of my own sanity and my ability to serve my existing customer base with cheerfulness, attention, and integrity.  People who write are sometimes stunned when I say I am not interested in doing their custom work or taking their case – I guess the assumption is that we small-business owners would always want more business and more clients.  But I would rather have quality over quantity, myself 🙂

Happy Hoodooing,


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