computer still buggy / status update

I supposedly got virus free after the BS a few weeks ago, but my laptop has not been the same since. It’s also at the magic "three year anniversary" where they seem to just start running for crap anyway.  (Yes, I’ve done all the usual things re. disk cleanup, defragging, antivirus, adware, removing various crap etc.)

Anyway, the point is, my system hangs/freezes or just outright crashes at least once an hour now.  My system especially hates google mail and sends me constant messages about scripts not working right.  My physical memory is at 30-something percent, but my CPU will hit 100% with one browser window and one word doc up.   Some things don’t print right or at all, uploading photos is a no-go, and having more than one  window open at a time doesn’t work too well (which screws up my light setting report and consultation workflow, as I usually have an email open in my browser and a word document and/or photograph open next to it when I’m preparing these).

And then my laptop battery bit the dust a few days ago, right after my printer decided to crap out on its one-year birthday.
SO – I am pretty much caught up with orders now, and things shouldn’t be too slow on that end anymore (except that I am still waiting on a delivery of essential oils which had better come tomorrow or I will be looking for a new supplier yet again), but correspondence is still not up to par (though I did mostly catch up with ebay messages and there shouldn’t be anything older than two business days in the email inbox, unless it’s something odd/weird that I’m waiting on something for before I can resolve it or answer it).  I am doing the best I can guys — I am fighting an uphill battle with technology lately, and I appreciate your patience.  I really cannot afford a new laptop right now, but neither can I afford to have one performing at this level, and I have some significant expenses coming up in the next week or so, so I’m not really sure what to say re. promising a certain response time or turnaround time for written correspondence.  

So I ask you, more than ever, please don’t get pissy with me if I send you a link to the FAQ because I have already addressed what you’re asking me elsewhere, or if I don’t get back to your detailed email soon.  It’s a miracle if I can stay online long enough to do a consultation from start to finish without rebooting, and I am still in "putting out fires" and dog-paddling to keep my head above water mode – so longer, more detailed or complex things just still have to wait, I’m sorry.  At the very least, some dust should clear on my finances by the end of next week and I’ll be in a better position to know what I can and will do about my recent bouts of techno-bullshit.  In the meanwhile, if you are considering nagging me, please be aware that I am likely to explode (and if I knew some anonymous commenters’ identities, they’d be so blocked, so very very out of my life, and it would be sweet, because I am really getting irritated with overdeveloped senses of entitlement lately, and people who don’t get their FREE SHIT fast enough because I forgot to set my universe to revolve around THEM this morning etc). And as always, this doesn’t apply to the overwhelming majority of y’all, who are simply awesome.  My laptop would probably love some healing prayers as well 🙂

If you are attending Saturday’s event, directions will be forthcoming soon.

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