status update and consultation/report queue

ETA: Current status queue updates are here
This post has "expired."

I am working my way through the emails sent over the weekend, still – there were a crapload of them. However, it looks like a lot of them were from the same person back to back a few times, so maybe they are duplicate glitches and it won’t take me as long to get to Tuesday’s emails as it looks like it will.

ETA: and quite a few are a single person taking it extremely personally that ebay’s seller assistant filed an unpaid item case at 7 days post-purchase, even though the item listings state that that is exactly what will happen if payment hasn’t been received and no communication asking for an extension is received before 7 days post-purchase. A word to the wise at the bottom of this post*. 

Current ebay message queue:

65 messages remaining
40 messages remaining
12 messages remaining
15 messages as of June 18
5 as of June 21
caught up on everything 11 June and earlier
caught up on everything prior to June 16
caught up priot to June 19


Current gmail message queue:

130 emails remaining
60 emails remaining
30 emails unanswered as of June 18
41 as of June 21
20 as of June 23

(some do not need written response, fortunately); most everything prior to June 8 is answered, though if I know that the message is about something with no deadline (like details for a custom piece we’re talking about), I may skip it over it if I have things I KNOW have close deadlines.  My laptop is still freezing up regularly, esp. when I open gmail, so email and photo upload is going a bit slower than usual right now.

consultation queue:

VN in CT
PS in NY
JH in BR

KY in WA
PM in IL
AC in ME – waiting on your response
RH in MA – working
RH #2

Remember that I do these in the order received, and some just take longer than others, so my estimated turnaround times are just estimates. If you are towards the bottom of the queue and I haven’t started yours, and you don’t want to wait, I’m always happy to offer a refund if no work has been done yet.

ETA – if you are up but I can’t proceed further without a response from you, I will move on to the next person and then return to you when I’m done with that person.

light reports:

DK, Success
GH, Attraction
JP, St Michael (almost done – had to soak the label off to do the glass reading)
PZ, series

RW, Reconciliation
CC, Cosmas and Damian
CG, love
AK, Kaliprix – working
AK, attraction
CW, attraction
CG, come to me
KY, money stay (owe photo and summary)
PS, love
PS, road opener
EY, protection etc
KY, CoE (owe photo and summary)
PZ (1st of 5)
AL, Reconciliation

If you are not listed here, your light’s not done burning.


KY – done, but need to get through all these messages so I can be sure I have all the pertinent info for your followup/further question in one place and have the issues sorted out

Remember that readings are done after consults and much more slowly than consults, due to the uninterrupted time I need to dedicate to each one.  I just never HAVE that uninterrupted time, so I don’t do even one reading per month.  Two consultations will get done faster than one reading – hell, three consults will get done faster than one reading– so if you have a multifaceted issue, it’s better to book more than one smaller consultation to deal with all the angles than it is to book one full reading.  And I am not accepting new clients for full/standalone readings right now (and I am discouraging old/current clients from booking full readings). I don’t anticipate this will change anytime soon, if ever, because I simply have my hands (a little too) full just with orders, altar work, and consultations. So if you know you need a full reading, please let me recommend someone to you based on what area your concern is in. I know a lot of good readers with a lot of different specialties and I can match you up with some folks that can do right by you, a lot faster than I can.  and if you are on this list and I haven’t started your reading, I’m always happy to offer a refund.

* Word to the wise; seller assistant is an eBay software thing.  A computer program opens the unpaid item case, not me. I could never fill orders if I handled all the "not yet paid for" stuff manually – I get way too many unpaid items *every single week* to handle it personally.  I prefer to spend my personal attention on the orders that are already paid for, esp. as I have no way of predicting who will or who won’t pay, and I shouldn’t have to go chasing folks to tell them to pay for their items anyway. So I don’t.  So it’s not personal – it’s policy. And policy applies to everybody.  I don’t get bent out of shape about it – I wouldn’t have any hair left if I did.  I don’t review the unpaid items to see if I recognize names or anything – I let the software program handle it, so it’s not personal at all (and sorry, but even if you have bought a ton of stuff from me before and I do have your name on the tip of my tongue, the policy *still applies,* because the fees I have to pay still apply, and because my power bill still applies).  But my policy is really not unreasonable – you get a week before the case opens, and then you get a few days after that, even, before the case closes (again automatically, unless you contact me – you can contact me at any point prior to the seller assistant closing the case, and I am always happy to manually tell the assistant to ignore your unpaid items, within reason – I can’t give you much beyond two weeks b/c I risk not being able to recoup the fees I’m charged the moment you push the "buy now" button, but I can do wiggle room. But you do have to ask for it; and that is not unreasonable).

I’m constantly amazed by how people expect me to have the inventory of amazon, the customer service of a large department store, the personal attention of a high-end retail clothing store, the prices of wal-mart, the turnaround time of domino’s pizza, and the memory of an elephant.  For real – you cannot have all that stuff in one place!  And I cannot be expected to remember your user ID from last year – don’t take it personally!  That’s just nuts

As usual, this probably doesn’t apply to anybody reading this, because people who read things never get surprised by policies, since policies are clearly stated all over the place if folks bother to read item listing details and FAQs.  (Except it might apply to the person who copped an attitude in the blog comments about a raffle/prize drawing a few weeks ago – if you’re reading this, I hope you GO AWAY and STAY AWAY. I don’t want over-entitled whiners lining up for freebies and prizes.) 

But if the shoe does not fit, folks, then don’t wear it!  I love most of you!  And I am often impressed by a lot of you.  (The over-entitled whiner probably wouldn’t be impressed, but I was impressed, when two of my recent prize-winners donated their prizes to people who were in need of spiritual help and unable to afford it.  Now THAT shit will warm the cockles of my little black heart.  Think about all the kids who go to school hungry every day, all the kids and partners who are abused every day, all the sexual assault and child abuse cases that go unprosecuted, all the families in danger of losing their homes, all the parents out of work in this lousy economy, all the adults trying so hard to overcome the lousy hand they got dealt as kids.  Think about the people who left as refugees from countries where they were in danger because of their political views, or their bad luck in being born into the family they were born into, or for being the wrong color or the wrong religion or the wrong gender or the wrong sexuality.  Just think about it for a minute.  And then, if you do that, and you can then come around whining about raffle results – well, you’re an asshole.  fortunately, there are good people out there, and I get to work with them and get to know them, and boy am I grateful for them for reminding me of why I started out doing this stuff in the first place.)


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