livejournal services/paypal buttons update

A few of you have recently pointed out to me that my paypal button on my livejournal userinfo page here
for booking extensions on honey jars and the like makes more work for you, in that if you want more than one session or more than one week, you have to complete more than one transaction since you couldn’t add multiple things to a "cart" but had to check out immediately after making your first selection.

I had reasons for not wanting to permit quantities on the livejournal services menu, but your points were well taken, and I came up with a workaround which makes room for my reasons but also allows a few services to be booked in multiple quantities at once – and that’s simply a second, more limited "menu" that permits multiple quantities on some select services.  I should have thought of this before, I’m sure, but – well, I didn’t.

So anyway, now *existing clients* can book upkeep on existing honey jars more easily, and clients who want longer-term "runs" of back-to-back vigil lights with one report at the end of the run (rather than a full report after each single light) can book them all at once.


You are a new client and want a honey jar made by me and worked by me on my altar for one month.  You would use the first "services" menu to book that service (and you need to write me about first really anyway, because that kind of work needs a contract so we are both on the same page about disposal, shipping or not, what you get re. photos and reports, etc).

You already have a honey jar on my altars and you do not need a new one made.  You just want me to work the jar longer, after the initially contracted work is complete.  You would use the second menu to book further work by the week, and you can now manually input how many weeks you want by changing the "quantity."  A quantity of one = one week (three lights, on M, W, and F); a quantity of four = four weeks.

You are an existing client, know how I work and what to expect, and want a taper light set on a saint’s or loa’s altar for a petition or a thank-you or the like.  You don’t need a report with ceromancy reading.  Use the second menu to book that service, at whatever quantity you please.

You are a new or existing client and want a standard vigil light setting with emailed report and photo.  Use the first menu to book those, one at a time.

You are an existing client and want a three-day or seven-day "run" of vigil lights set back-to-back on my altars, so there is no interruption between the lights – a vigil will be constantly burning for the duration of the run (the next one will be lit right before the previous one goes out).  You don’t need a full report after each vigil goes out – you just want a summary and photos at the end of the "run."  Use the second menu to book these at the quantity of your choice.

You are a new client, or an existing client with a new issue, and you want a consultation.  Use the first menu to book a new consultation.

You are an existing client and want a followup on an issue we’ve consulted about before, or a checkup on current work that has been ongoing for a while.  Use the second menu to book at a discounted followup rate.

All these examples have made it sound more complicated than it actually is – there aren’t all that many services available without a contract and prior consultation, so there aren’t all that many services available on these menus to be booked directly. So it’s not as confusing as I think I just made it sound 🙂  In any case, this should make life easier for those of you who want extensions on current or previous work.

Also, the new web store is currently being populated and, knock wood, should be online and fully functional in July. I will make an announcement of course, and probably do some kind of promotion or giveaway, but at long last, the day is actually coming where the website and new shopping cart will be ready to go and much more user-friendly!

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