Jewelry and rosaries at

I’ve started moving some jewelry and rosaries to the web store, though many of the one of a kind and rare items are still at ebay.  But at the store, you can get stuff like this:

010 (4)

Evil Eye Protection Charm Bracelet (with mercury dime)


Ghuede Voodoo Rosary Bracelet (custom locket ingredients)


Legba – St. Lazarus Rosary Bracelet (also suitable for pirates)

012 (5)

Legba – St Lazarus Voodoo Rosary (made with African trade beads)


Road Opener Charm Bracelet (Ganesha pendant and custom locket ingredients) – *SOLD*


Santisima Muerte Rosary Necklace (gold enamel painted medals and wooden beads)


St. Expedite Chaplet Bracelet (cool red-enamel-tipped crucifix)


and, of course, the usual array of hand-painted saints medals!

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