sale on hoodoo condition oils

On second thought, fuck it. Why not have a sale. There should be some bright spot in a lousy month. So even if your month hasn’t been lousy, you can profit from the lousy time I’ve had lately and get yourself some reduced-rate condition oils on ebay.  (After you do that, go find a site called and bookmark it, because I can just about guarantee that the stuff ebay is banning and the sellers that ebay is running off are going to turn up on bonanza in the aftermath. Maybe this will be what it finally takes to get folks to actually order anything from bonanza, whose traffic has remained abysmal.  I can’t give away products on bonanza – a few folks have found me on there, but despite reduced prices and the sales and freebie giveaways I was doing all the time last year, I just could not get customers to revisit that store even if I could get them in there a first time. There are maybe four exceptions, amounting to about eight sales a year on bonanza.  I don’t know how the experience was on the customer end, if there is something about listings or checkout that customers actively dislike, but I do understand not wanting to learn one’s way around a new system and site when the familiar one was working just fine. But now that those in the market for metaphysical stuff might not be able to get it at ebay anymore, bonanza is likely to look increasingly attractive as an alternative).

Anyway, here you go – have a sale on hoodoo condition oils at ebay. If you don’t find them on ebay anymore after August, then you can still find them at and at my bonanza shop.

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