getting used to Bonanza – info and a coupon code

Honestly, you’d save money if you just shopped at my website, but for those who prefer to comparison shop and add items from mutliple sellers to a cart and have the “market” experience, Bonanza is probably the go-to place now that eBay has made its disdain for buyers and sellers of metaphysical items and services crystal-clear.  So here’s some info — and a coupon code! — for my shop at Bonanza (their term is “booth”).

Combined Shipping

The best I can do with combined shipping is to program the cart to charge the full shipping amount for the first item and $1 for each additional item. This works fine if you are getting a couple of things, want first-class shipping, and are in the US.  Once you reach $6 in shipping charges, though, OR if any of your items can only ship Priority mail, then it stops working so great, because it will not allow me to distinguish between first class and priority in programming the cart, nor to set up separate rules for international shipping. So it will charge you $6 for your item that ships priority and will still charge $1 for each additional item.  So if the cart charges you more than $6 and you don’t need the medium flat rate box, you’ll want to “make an offer” and have me manually verify and adjust the shipping amount on the invoice. The good news is that if I send a counter-offer and it’s more than you anticipated paying in shipping, you can back out of the transaction with no penalty.  So you should really only ever pay $6 max for a few smaller items, and only in extremely rare cases will you pay more than $12 shipping.  (These are US rates, obviously. Small flat rate boxes go internationally for $17.50; medium flat rate boxes go for $48.50. Sometimes it’s best to have me ship your international order in two separate small flat rate boxes rather than one medium flat rate box. If everything will fit into small boxes and this is possible, I’ll adjust for that option and let you know what’s up when I make the counteroffer.)

This sounds like a PITA and can seem complicated the first time you navigate it, but it’s really not much more complicated than the “request an invoice” feature at eBay.  And hopefully Bonanza will listen to the feedback it’s been getting and eventually make some changes to the way its software does the math on shipping charges.


Whether eBay really brings the hammer down on every single type of conjure and magical oil and powder or not, which remains to be seen, changes are coming, and they will limit your options as a shopper on eBay.  So to encourage those who haven’t checked out Bonanza yet, here’s a coupon code you can use for the rest of the month at my Bonanza shop, to put icing on the cake that is Bonanza’s already-lower fees and thus already-lower prices.  For the rest of August, use the coupon code AUG12 during checkout to get 10% off your order subtotal. Let’s look at what that means to you and whether it’s worth the trouble of learning your way around a new website and system 🙂

At ebay, a half ounce bottle of Stop Gossip oil costs $8.  At Bonanza, the same half-ounce bottle of Stop Gossip oil is $7.54; the prices are already lower, because the fees Bonanza charges its sellers are lower. With the AUG12 coupon, the bottle of oil will cost you $6.79.

It adds up.  Buy two bottles of oil, you’re essentially saving $1.00, even when there’s no special running or coupon being advertised.  In some categories of item, it makes an even bigger difference.  The Ghuede altar bottle that’s $85 on eBay is $79.53 on Bonanza, and right now you can use the coupon code to get it for $71.58. Why am I putting *everything* on sale? Yes, to get people to visit and try out Bonanza since I think I will not be able to offer my spiritual supplies through eBay anymore, and because Bonanza offers the best alternative I’ve found so far considering the types and quantity of items I stock. But most of all because I am pissed off at eBay for putting such a huge monkey-wrench in my livelihood and only giving me two weeks’ notice on it, and I get a kick out of directing sales away from eBay and towards their competitor – a competitor who, unlike eBay, has not just insulted the beliefs, practices, and faiths of a significant segment of the population. Because I am well and truly fed up with the treatment we sellers have been getting from eBay, and offended at the patronizing, paternalistic implications behind their decision to insult my customers’ intelligence by dictating which blessings and holy waters of which religions they should be interested in, I’m imported my entire eBay inventory over to Bonanza. If an item sells on Bonanza, I’ll just pull it from eBay, eat the lost fee for listing it, and pass the savings on the final value fee over to you.  Bye eBay – it was fun until you decided your ideal seller was based in China with huge identical inventory and sweatshop prices.


There really isn’t anything at Bonanza that you haven’t seen before, but they have a groovy widget thing, so here it is.

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script><script type=’text/javascript’>renderBonanzleWidget();</script><noscript><a href=””>Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies</a></noscript>

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