on response times right now

Guys, this ebay BS has me absolutely SWAMPED. I am having to put a lot of hours into getting my store in compliance with new ebay shit. So I appreciate your patience as I work my way through the regular correspondence, responses on ongoing conversations or issues at my direct email as well as at third-party sites, and the reports and consutlations of various types that I have in queue. Things will hopefully be back to normal — or what passes for it around here, anyway! — soon.

Meanwhile, I tried watching Warehouse 13 (I watch TV online or on DVD while filing paperwork or it would never get filed, ugh); I really wanted to like it, but it’s making me work awfully hard. Do any of you guys watch it and know if it gets better? (I only watched the pilot. Clever premise, and I love me some Tesla references. But. Ugh. Bad Writing and the leads are not winning me over with their acting.)

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