questions you’ve asked: “can you make [name] oil?” – Black Devil oil (and tying nature)

Q (edited to remove CAPSLOCK/textspeak and insert punctuation for readability): Can you make Black Devil Oil?

A: Most traditional conjure oils are named for what they do.  And it’s important to keep in mind that different creators will sometimes call their blends different things. Most traditional workers will make a Van Van oil and all that will be pretty similar ingredients- and scent-wise. But once you get into things like Love or Money or Success or Crossing formulas, probably everybody has their own, and probably more than one. They may very well have different names from what another creator calls their stuff.  Black Devil is a product/trademark name, not a formula that is the same across the board and for all vendors. Some Black Devil formulas are used to make stray lovers crazy ’til they come home. I have Intranquility for that.  Some Black Devil oil formulas are used to keep a lover home and prevent straying. I have Binding or Stay With Me for that. Some are used for revenge. I have Revenge for that. Some are used to tie a man’s nature. Personally, I think that’s useless and very very unlikely to work, unless you are combining it with a good, authentic knot-tying trick that uses his underwear or sock or handkerchief as well as heavy duty personal concerns like semen. And frankly, by the time you have all that stuff, you don’t need the oil at all; it’s like adding a drop of baby shampoo to a bucket of industrial cleanser – totally pointless. Most Black Devil formulas I’ve encountered are Anna-Riva-inspired mass-produced cheap-internet-drugstore derived, named for dramatic effect and not for what they do or how they work. Most are not traditional and/or wildcrafted and/or conjure derived. So most sellers who hand blend traditional oils  will call their formulas something besides the vague and ill-fitting name Black Devil, since it has nothing to do with the Devil and which will also usually not be black unless you have a cheap mineral oil base with fragrance oil additives and no real herbal involvement. They will instead call the formula by a name that explains what it does or how it works, which is traditional – hence Intranquility, Stay With Me, Binding, etc.  I’m sure there are exceptions, and somebody out there makes a Black Devil oil with genuine roots and essential oils in it. But the majority of creators/vendors of traditional products will have some kind of oil that does what you want; they just aren’t going to call it that. So you’d probably have more luck if you asked the folks you contact “Do you have an oil that does X?” instead of “Do you have X oil?”

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