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Now available at the website, for those who need a bit of specific guidance in their mojo bag, oil, etc choices but maybe not a full blown consultation, I have a few options with the personalized consultation plus item delivery all in a bundle to save you some time.

In the Custom Blends and Items section of the shop, you can get an all-in-one bundled service + formula — it’s a consultation during which we’ll discuss your situation and I’ll “prescribe” (make a recommendation for) the best formula to suit your needs, and then after which I’ll make and ship the stuff to you.  These are designed for when you already know what approach you want to take, so it cuts out the part of the consultation where I look into that advice angle for you and just focuses on the appropriate formula to apply, so it’s quicker and doesn’t give you info that you don’t need. (These are for existing formulas – they don’t get you a custom-made formula, but a customized recommendation for an existing formula.) So far I’ve made available:

Mini-Consultation with Hoodoo Condition Oil Prescribed and Shipped

Mini-Consultation with Mojo Bag Prescribed and Shipped

Mini-Consultation with Spiritual Bath Prescribed and Shipped

Now, in many cases no consultation is necessary if, say, you know you want a condition oil for your love life situation but aren’t sure which of a couple of formulas you’re thinking of might be best. You can just write me directly or use the contact form. As I outline at my website, if you can ask your question in about two or three sentences, and a two or three sentence answer will suffice, then you should just write and ask. I am happy to (quickly) answer (brief) questions about product and item selections. But I get quite a few emails every week from people I don’t know who send me quite a few paragraphs explaining all the details and background of their complex ongoing situation (and they almost never sign these emails, it’s the oddest thing – I get the life story but no name… text-message-speak has taken over with every kind of communication, man!). Unfortunately, I can’t read and respond to these in any depth – I have an obligation to the customers and clients who have booked consultations to tend to their inquiries first, ahead of any new inquiries, so things that need significant time investments on my part to reply to usually get a form letter telling them how to book a consultation. I then move them to the folder for new inquiries that I get to when I have time – if they are fairly common questions, or they illustrate a common situation or approach or involve something that might be useful or informative to a larger audience, I usually answer them in my blog as “questions you’ve asked” (after removing any identifying info of course). But in a lot of cases, there’s simply too much being given to me out of the blue, often from someone I don’t have any previous working relationship with or knowledge of, for me to be able to deal with all those details and reply in any depth outside the context of a consultation. I wish it weren’t so – I wish I had the sort of financial wherewithal that meant I could give out free detailed advice all day – but at this time, I do not. So incoming questions need to be brief if they’re to get my personalized response. Otherwise, they get instructions on how to book a consultation. [1]

This service is intended to help bridge that gap, in between people who need a full consultation to see what approach to take generally, and those who already know they want to take a particular approach but just need a bit of personalized feedback based on the specifics of their situation. There may be no call for this at all – I know a lot of folks who write are sending the same message out to multiple readers/workers and just seeing who responds (which possibly explains the lack of salutation and signature), and some people still seem to think that Lucky Mojo = AIRR, and so because one can get free advice at the Lucky Mojo forums from the folks who volunteer there, that therefore anyone listed at  AIRR also gives free advice/consultations. So the people who write me out of the blue with long emails may not be interested in this – they are on the search specifically for free advice. [1] But I’m just seeing how this goes – it may bridge a gap for some folks and be useful.

And since I have a bit more time these days, I have been toying with another idea as well, perhaps just to offer for a limited time if there’s any interest as it wouldn’t be practical for me to offer if orders or consultations get backed up and/or I have less time during the day again. But if anyone finds it useful, I may start offering custom-made candles, oils, and/or incenses, with formulas made from scratch for the customer and his/her situation.  I’d probably start with a series similar to the custom Compelling kits I offer based on your (or your target’s) astrological charts. Once you get beyond the simple Sun sign you read about when you look at your horoscope in the paper, which is just one of many aspects of a natal chart, a chart is virtually as individual as a fingerprint. So you can use a candle or doll-baby dressed with Libra oil to stand in for yourself or your target in altar work if you or the target are a Libra, following a common tradition for image/effigy work. Or you can use a candle or doll-baby dressed with a custom oil that is tuned in to your target’s Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign (etc) – you get the idea. It crystallizes the “astrological identity” of the person in question. That’s one sort of thing this type of totally customized formula might be used for.  And beyond that, a custom oil or incense could be made specifically for a certain condition, like Protection or Success, that would look at what is going on in the client’s natal chart or transits (though that would be even more complex and I’d have to do some experimenting to see if it would even be practical to offer depending on how long it actually takes me to create a workable formula that has a suitable fragrance and can be safely used in a variety of ways).

Anyway, for now I’ve got a few new things at the website, and am thinking of a few more. If you have something you’d like to see, or something you just want to ask about or put in the hat for my consideration, holler – even if it’s something like “you should really consider doing x with your website because such and such slows me down or would make such and such easier on me as I browse.” And if you *would* be interested in any of the custom stuff I’ve talked about here, let me know. This is a good time to put a bug in my ear about any of the myriad half-baked plans I’ve come up with over the years but never followed through on 🙂

[1] Tip: often, people use writing as a process of thinking, and in the process of writing out their situation, they will often arrive at a sort of summation of the bottom line or ultimate statement of main issue or question, that is sometimes clearer to them after having written it out than it was before.  So often, when I get these really long emails, there is a briefer synopsis of the main issue or concern — but it’s at the end of the email, because the writing of the mail helped the writer “think through” and explain the core of the situation. If you find yourself having written a long inquiry email, yet you find that somewhere near the end, you’ve briefly summed up the main issue/question, then just take a sec to copy/paste that brief statement of the “bottom line” and move it to the beginning of the message.  If I can read the first 2-3 sentences and be certain what you’re asking, and I can answer it in 2-3 sentences, then I will, and it may be that there is no need to book a consult for that.  If, however, I read the first 2-3 sentences and it’s just touching on the tip of the iceberg and I am not really sure where it’s going, I’m afraid I am not going to read through the whole thing right then; it’s going to go in the (very long and backed up) queue of stuff to answer when I have time. Unfortunately, since I always have a consultation and reading queue, and those come ahead of new stuff, then by the time I get back to you as a brand-new potential client with a brand-new inquiry, the original situation is no longer even the same as when you first wrote; it’s evolved or developed or passed away completely. So your best best to save yourself some time and wasted effort is to send a brief initial inquiry – find out if I can even read the whole story before you type it all out.

This is good practice no matter what reader/worker you’re writing to or calling, by the way – some of us do free consultation, but there are usually some parameters, so find out what those are for the particular reader or worker you’re interested in talking with. We are usually able to respond much more quickly to folks that do this, versus folks that “spam” the entire AIRR directory by sending the same message to 15 of us just to see what sticks. I for one don’t usually feel too generous with my time if I know that the person writing me for free advice doesn’t think enough of my time to even check that I do reconciliation work before spamming me with a request for reconciliation advice that was also sent, word for word, to half of my colleagues. Email and voicemail entails a huge time commitment for most of us professional workers every single week, day in and day out, but I for one warm up really fast to folks that demonstrate they understand this and respect the fact that I have to work for a living and to keep the light bill paid and the internet connection up!  Just a little courtesy and consideration goes a really long way. And while I have a long memory for the names of customers who do chargebacks or get nasty with me about stuff, I also have a long memory for those who take a minute to leave a kind word or followup. Lots of folks treat us like vending machines sometimes; but we’re human too and really appreciate it a lot when our clients and customers recognize this!

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