been scammed by so many fake psychics and spellcasters before?

Lots of people write to ask me to “prove I’m genuine” because they’ve been scammed so many times in their search for a legitimate spellcaster or psychic. Here is one of my responses to such a person.

Note: I’ve edited, revised, and updated this post and it now lives here:

test the psychic cover(2)

2 thoughts on “been scammed by so many fake psychics and spellcasters before?

  1. I need you to cast a free love spell for me to prove to me that your spells work. if you do this spell for free and it work I will be glad to donate some money to you.its a love spell to get a exgirlfriend back for eternity. I trust you for all you just said about real and not real spell me as soon as possible if you can help me with this spell.thank you for your comments ,and may all your days be blessed.


    1. You have just proven that you didn’t even read the post. If you had, you would know 1. why this tactic for trying to get free rootwork doesn’t work, and 2. why, furthermore, even if it did, I would NEVER take your case. I would never accept you as a client. So if you’re serious about having somebody reliable and ethical take your case, I strongly suggest you educate yourself on how this works before you waste any more time or money.


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