d*bag/fraud/jerk/scam alert

I don’t tend to pick out scam spellcasters by name, since they always have more money and more manpower to undertake harassment campaigns than I have to defend against them, but sometimes they serve themselves up on my doorstep.  This idiot has posted “REAL SPELLCASTER!!!111OMG” ad spam in *my freakin’ comments section,* so these folks are just begging for it. (Please don’t think that when you see these, there’s a real Clementine or Dr. Voodoo or Ashra or Mystique or whothehellever behind these – there’s a group of people, usually running more than one website, and they go around posing as satisfied clients and leaving comments all over the internet.)

Recent ad spam in my comments section:

Thanks to Dr.Zabaza for bringing back my lover, my lover left me for my best friend until i saw Dr.Zabaza that help me bring him back to me. if you are in any kind of problem please contact Dr.Zabaza on his email address on zabazalogan@ [popular domain starting with y] or call Dr.Zabaza on his personal phone number on [redacted but I’ll send it to you if you want it for your fraud files] for any help.

Keyla, posting from IP address in New York, though she claims to be from Chicago here

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP.  There is no Dr. Zabaza, there is no Keyla, and there are no spells.

There’s also no Emily from Cuba who was cured of HIV by Dr. Zabaza, nor a Karro who got her ex back, not even if she spells it Kara, nor a Koek who got her ex back, nor a Kane who got his ex back, nor Payson or Bawani from Cuba who got her ex back, nor a Sera from Malaysia, or the Netherlands, who got her ex back… and fancy that, I am just *shocked* that earlier in October, Dr. Zabaza was going by the name Prince Obasele and using an email address at anointedland@ [popular domain starting with g and ending with mail], I tell you. Even more shocked that the name behind this crap was Dr. Hama earlier this year.

And while we’re at it, none of these other d*bags exist either.

ETA: Wow, another one in a different comment thread, advertising Priest Omigodo at templeofsolution [at popular email service starting with G], from Mrs. Johnson at IP address Also advertised here and two dozen other places.


ETA: A running list of scam artist (aka spam artist) dirtbags who have volunteered to be identified as such by posting comments in my blog, with IP addresses:

  • Shadi Spell. Anonymous from IP address advertising “Shadi spell” and “Priestess Shadi” at priestessshadi@ popular email account starting with g.
  • Priestess Shadi. Anonymous from IP address advertising the same fake spellcaster. Anonymous from IP address advertising the same. Anonymous from
  • Angulu Temple. “Dora” from IP address [same IP address as Anonymous advertising “Priestess Shadi” only this time with a totally different story, different name of different ex and different time frame for the ex returning] now advertising for Angulu Temple or Professor Angulu at professorangulu@ popular email account starting wtih y.  This should assure even those prone to giving much benefit of the doubt that all these scam artists are the same group of people working under multiple false identities and posting all over the web pretending to be satisfied clients.
  • Professor Angulu. See above.
  • Priest Omigodo at templeofsolution. Pretending to be Mrs. Johnson at IP address (see above in blog entry)
  • Dr. Zabaza at zabazalogan. Pretending to be Emily from Cuba, and Karro, and Kara, and Koek, and Kane, and Payson, and Bawani, and Sera. Also pretending to be Keyla at IP address
  • Prince Obasele at anointedland
  • Dr. Hama
  • Meruja Owo, pretending to be Janet or Jannet Watson (or Madeson) or Gregory Mitche at merujaowo101 at live.com and dorispinto101 at yahoo.com. One IP address: For the original saga demonstrating the tip of the iceberg on how much spam advertising this one has done, go to the following: for shits and giggles, I have approved a comment that “Meruja Owo” left in response to my blog post pointing out the spam, for which I am called an animal 🙂

Happy hoodooing,

Karma Zain

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