new formula – naming help needed; get free stuff

Need help naming a new formula again. As before, the creator of the winning name idea will receive some of it for free. It’s not really new as a formula, but I’ve never made it for sale before. This is a hand salve I have been making for my family for years, as most of them work with their hands and spend lots of time woodworking, gardening, playing stringed instruments, or simply washing their hands a lot due to child-rearing, food prep, or patient-seeing and doing similar things that can be rough on the hands. My starting point was burt’s bees hand salve, and while I have tweaked some things, it’s actually still fairly similar in scent, though it’s got a bit more slip than BB’s now and there are actual herbs in mine (I strain most out after a long simmer, but a few stay in).

It’s a salve – thinner and slicker than my balms – and it looks oily but it sinks in well and quickly and is super-healing and moisturizing. It smooths out my rough spots from woodworking and jewelry making and kitchenry when I need to, say, knit somethign and not have the yarn catch on my callouses. I put it on my cuticles, and I put it on my feet too, for rough spots. In addition to being excellent for your hands, esp in winter, the ingredients are valued for harmony/cooperation (think Peaceful Home), and it has protective elements and those for both spiritual and physical health. I don’t know what to call it, and I don’t know how to “aim” it in terms of description as it’s multi-purpose. (I use it in situations where I need people to work together, cooperate, respect each other, and communicate, and where I do not need to lose a position of leadership, guidance, or stability [think teachers, parents with teens, bosses, folks pitching ideas or presentations to a committee]. I also use it when I simply have dry skin).

Ideas? If I choose your name, I’ll send you some free balms, including a batch of this stuff.

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