new USPS rates (brutal for international, guys, sorry!)

The new USPS rates aren’t going to make much of a difference for US buyers at my shop — just a few cents on medium flat rate boxes — but I’m afraid that the changes for international packages are simply brutal. The lowest international rate now starts at $24. The medium flat rate boxes now ship for $60 to locations outside the U.S. (if you have multiple small items that will fit in multiple small boxes, you should break your order up into parts so it can ship in multiple smaller boxes instead of the larger box, in many cases). I am really, really sorry, guys – this is a nasty change that went into effect on Jan 27, 2013.

So here are the rates at my shop as of Feb 2013:

  • Orders under $50 still ship for $6 to the U.S.
  • Orders over $50 ship for $12.50 to the U.S. (That’s it – there are only the two rates, to keep it simple and predictable for y’all.)
  • International orders under $50 ship for the automatic $6 + the $18 additional charge for international packages that you have to add to your cart, for a total of $24.
  • International orders over $50 but small enough for a small flat rate box ship for $30. Just add the small/light option to your cart.
  • International orders that won’t fit in a small flat rate box ship for either $56 or $60 depending on the insurance situation, which depends on the total order value. Just add the large/heavy option to your cart and the system does the rest of the math.

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