out of town next week; closed 7 Apr – 14 Apr

I will be out of town next week for some family obligations – officially, I’m closed from Sunday Apr 7 through Sunday Apr 14, to reopen on Monday Apr 15. Unofficially, I probably won’t be gone that whole time, but since I don’t know this exact second precisely what my dates of travel will be, I *will* be closed for the week. As usual, any runs of lights or contracted work that has already been contracted and is on the client calendar to be tended that week will be tended as scheduled (by my assistant); it has already been set up by me, and she checks on it, makes notes, sets taper lights on honey/sour jars on M, W, & F, and makes sure no candle glass has broken, no flames are endangered, or anything like that. If you had a months-long run of tapers or distance cleansings, uncrossings, or protection work done that would normally have the monthly altar session falling during this coming week, you’ll note on the client calendar that the date for that session has been moved so that I can personally perform the work myself.

In practice, I will probably be able to set any lights that come in before midnight Sunday the 8th, though I am not guaranteeing it, and all orders that were in-house and not pending for some reason (like waiting on a petition) as of Friday, 5 Apr will go out before I leave town. However, no new work will be set or begun until I reopen on Monday, and any orders that come in between now and the 14th will enter processing when I reopen, on Monday the 15th (that means the handling time begins when I reopen). Same with new consultations, etc.

If you are new to the blog or to my shop and have been directed here by an info email, please, please take the time to actually read the payment or booking acknowledgment you received – it really, truly does answer all your questions about shipping and handling times and turnaround times, and there really is nothing else I can tell you (and I explain all this in a bunch of places that you can read before you checked out, because it’s not my goal to surprise anybody or make them unhappy, so I publish this info as many places as I can). As my website, FAQ, and numerous info messages explain repeatedly, I cannot answer your question about what day your order will ship. It will ship when it is ready, and as soon as it is ready, I will print the label, and then you will get an email telling you the label has been printed, so you will know immediately. That is all I can tell you. I personally do all the labeling, praying, blending, painting, sorting, brewing, etc, so that’s why handling times are what they are (and why I publish them all over the place so you can know about them ahead of time, *before you check out,* so it should really not be a surprise; if it is, I’m sorry that you didn’t read the info before you checked out, but my systems are set up this way so that I can give my customers’ orders my personal time and attention, so I try to minimize the amount of repeating myself I have to do via email. My procedures are published because I don’t want anybody to be surprised, and I have them all for a reason. And if you wrote again to ask something already explained in the order acknowledgment, then you got a second, different email that explained all this again).

If you’ll read that order acknowledgment email, you’ll find that it also explains:

1. how to inquire about a current order or send additional info or communication about an order or service (by responding to *that email,* the acknowledgment email);

2. how shipping notification and “tracking” work (including the fact that “tracking” is NOT actually tracking and is NOT real-time, and once the USPS has picked up your package, I can’t tell you anything else about it where it is, but you should calm down because the system is reliable and it really will arrive; I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I have shipped thousands of packages all over the world);

3. what handling times are and *when* you can have me file a trace request on a package.

Sorry to the majority of you who already know this and don’t need to be told again and have to read it again, but I have had a rash of new customers lately who just do not read the information made available to them, so I have to write a blog post about it every once in a while.

Happy hoodooing,


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