Karma Zain is moving: moving sale and shop closing dates

I am moving back to Alabama, so Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is moving. The shop will be closed from July 20 to August 15.


I would prefer not to move the fragile things like altar and libation bottles, shadow boxes, glass vigils, etc. So I will be having a sale on one of a kind stuff like that – bottles, boxes, candles that are already in stock/made, and even some jewelry. I will cut prices on everything and will take offers for many things (not only do I not want to move anything I could ship to a new owner instead, anybody who’s moving can always stand to have a little extra cash on hand for those dratted last-minute moving expenses, so I will be putting up some deep discounts to liquidate the inventory of large, OOAK, and fragile stuff). I’ll publicize the specials and sales and post the info on all the usual channels/sites. I may offer some other last-minute sales on the always-in-stock stuff like oils and powders as well; I have to do a careful inventory first, but I think just about everything will get reduced as the month goes on.


Up until July 20, you can book or order anything as usual, though you should be aware that I will probably put the inventory quantity to 0/zero before then on very complex custom-finished work or on anything that requires me to order heavy/bulky stuff. [*]

July 14 will be the last day to order a vigil light setting if you want it done before I move, and the last day to have a honey jar or sour jar or similar types of altar work.

You can still book consultations, which I can do even during the transit phase, though the turnaround time may be slightly longer than usual.

Honey jars, sour jars, and pakets that I’m maintaining here on my own altars can be worked without interruption *as long as they are totally set up/prepared before July 20.* After that, I will be packing up my herbs and oils and materials, leaving out only those candles, oils, and similar materials and things required for work that is already booked, fully set up, and begun by July 20. After that, I won’t be able to make new jars or pakets or set up new container spell work, but I *will* be able to keep working anything that is already set up.

Other types of altar work this month will be discussed on a case by case basis – basically, with anything that requires a contract, we’ll talk about the best way to work it given my schedule and your needs (and if the best way to work it is to have me refer you to a colleague who can help you more quickly, I will do that, and I can usually make several recommendations for you depending on what type of work you are needing). If you book a consultation to have your case assessed for altar work this month, I will remind you of my upcoming closure before I proceed, to double check that you want me to do your consultation and you don’t prefer to book with someone else instead.

***THE WHY***

After 6 years in Atlanta, I am moving back to my hometown in Alabama and will be an Alabama resident again as of  August. Once I get all settled, I’ll be open for business as usual with a shiny new altar room/temple in a shiny new, freshly cleansed and blessed house. This opportunity just recently appeared on my horizon as of last week, so all this is pretty sudden, but it has to be done by the first week of August and it’s a good opportunity for me for the academic/research/teaching side of my pursuits. It will be good to be back 🙂

(c) Karma Zain 2013, all rights reserved

[*]For instance, if I run out of wax this month before the 20th, I will put the votive candle quantities to zero/0 because I will not have any more supplies delivered to my Georgia location but will instead wait until I can have them delivered to my Alabama location.

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