SALE: BOGO 50% off oils, powder, bath crystals

As promised, I’ve got some sales up at the website, in their own little “Sale” category. Regular 2-dram hoodoo condition oils, single packets of powder, and single packets of bath crystals are all eligible for “Buy One Get One Half Off” right now (sale lasts through the 20th when the store closes for my relocation). The way the store database is set up, this is the simplest way to put up a temporary sale, but it does require you to manually type in the name of the sale item that you want when you check out. For instance, here are the specs on the condition oils sale:

  • If you buy a small bottle of regular condition oil (that’s all the oils that are $5 for a 2-dram bottle), you can have a second one in the same category (of 2-dram condition oils) for half price. If you’ve added a bottle of regular condition oil to your cart, then to claim your half-off bottle, just add this listing to your cart. Then, when you are checking out, use the “note to seller/instructions to merchant” box to specify the type of oil you want – just type the name. If you miss the text box as you are checking out through paypal, then wait for the order acknowledgment email and reply to it.
  • Buy One Get One means if you buy one at full price, you get a second for half off. If you buy two bottles at full price, you can get two for half-off. Etc. The sale bottle doesn’t have to be the same formula as the full price bottle – it just has to be an oil that is of equal or lesser value than the full-price oil.

I’ll be reducing prices on some one of a kind larger/bulkier pieces too, like altar bottles and boxes, in the next couple of days, and will post more info on those when I get them set up.


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