update, status

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is officially closed to new business/inquiries; any new stuff will be handled in order when I reopen, which will be no later than the 15th of August. It might be much sooner, but I don’t want to promise anything in case there are problems with getting internet etc hooked up in the new place. I will begin putting things into the new place on Aug 6th. I will probably not be answering email between Aug 4 and August 7.

Already-placed orders and already-in-process reports, work, etc will be handled before (and for honey jars, during) my actual move – my move is to another state, but it’s less than a night’s drive away, so already-contracted stuff like honey jars and paket maintenance will *not* be interrupted – all the necessaries will be traveling with me as a “passenger.” If you are waiting on a report, photo, consult, etc, you will get that before I leave my current place.

The shop is officially closed, *but* I will be packing art and breakables last, so you can still get discounted art, bottles, etc – see the Sale category at the store for what’s still available. I’ll set the quantity to zero when it’s no longer available. All already in-house orders will be processed and shipped during this coming week.

Right in the midst of the insanity of moving on very short notice, I got sick. I am just now staying out of bed for extended stretches today, so I will be catching up on reports and correspondence over the coming week.

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