raffle winners

The prize winners for the July raffle/sale are below; the original post outlining the drawing is here. I’ll send you winners an email eventually – I’m buried under papers and boxes right now – but if you see this before I get to your email, feel free to write me first with your specifications/preferences.
HOLY MEDAL Sale: Prize = Saint (or Loa) Devotional Kit

Winner: KY in WA. You get a customized devotional kit for the saint, spirit, angel, or loa of your choice.

BATH SALT Sale: Prize = Ultimate Attraction Oil

Winner: BC in CA. Bottle of Ultimate Attraction Oil customized for your specific petition.

VOODOO and Specialty/Esoteric OIL Sale: Prize = Extra-Strength Mojo Bag with Bone*

Winner: DK in OK. Your choice of an extra-strength mojo bag for your specific petition.

HOODOO Oil Sale: Prize = Spell Kit Gift Basket or Box

Winner: EP in PA. A spell kit gift basket/box of your choice, customized for your petition.

LIGHT SETTING: Prize = Fixed Candle

Winner: BC in CA. The prize was originally going to be a free light setting, but I realized that was kinda lame as far as prizes go; you can either have a fixed vigil light set on my altars (after I’m set up at the new place), or if you want, you can have a custom-fixed light shipped to you. Your choice.

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