Karma Zain reopen for some services/supplies

Just a quick note to announce that I am back in Alabama and just about have the work room set back up. The altars with current work on them went up first, and I will be finishing the necessary stuff to be able to do full-scale altar work over the next week or so. Same with store inventory – it will be going up over the next week or so. But as of the 15th, I am indeed open for business again even if not quite yet for immediate shipping, and I am again accepting custom orders, light settings, consultation bookings, etc. If you and I had a conversation going that was interrupted by my move, or if you were one of the winners of a custom piece and your custom work had to wait to be finished until after I got relocated, I will be attending to that sort of thing as soon as I can over the next week or so. More soon!

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