catching up…


As of 1 July, I can now see the bottom of my inbox, thanks in large part to my assistant Mary who pulled a dual-computer, two-person email marathon with me over this last weekend. That doesn’t mean every single message has been completely resolved or dealt with, but everything IS now labeled and put in somebody’s to-do queue, and we will be getting to in due order.

Next, I am going to try to sprint with consultations to get caught up and to tie up any loose ends, recommendations, additional work, or further questions that came up after the divination portion was completed in earlier consultations.

If you’re still putting up with me after this spring’s delays and snafus, I very much appreciate you, your patience, your business, and your trust! We are also making progress with getting the inventory updated and posted, and once we finally have, I’ll be having a formal “Grand Re-Opening” to celebrate 🙂

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