status post – phone consults, consultation queues, reports, turnaround times

I mentioned in my last post, nearly a month ago, that things had slowed down due to a death in the family, and since my assistant Mary and I also happen to be siblings, we were both largely out of the loop for a while and tending to things as best we could but definitely not at an ideal turnaround pace. We’ve now had two deaths in the family within a 4 week period, and while neither was unexpected, these things still require time and emotional energy, and frankly even though I”ve been back in town for a bit now, I just haven’t had the emotional reserves available to finish readings and consultations, to be frank.

I am trying desperately to get caught up now, and while Mary is currently devoting most of her energy to family obligations right now, Angel has come aboard to train on the assistant end of things and help me get caught up, so it is my sincere hope that I can get caught up and make things right with all of my clients and customers who have been waiting longer than usual — these last 6 weeks or so, but honestly I’ve been behind for various reasons for most of the year. I hate it; I hate feeling like I have to apologize alll the time, I hate making a bad impression on new clients/customers, and I hate keeping y’all who have been clients/customers for a while waiting. I am deeply sorry for any frustration or disappointment. I can only say that in many, many ways, this year has been full of surprises and opportunities (which is a euphemism for “nothing has quite gone according to plan).

So — once again, we are trying to get caught up on orders now. If yours came in during this time period and got caught in the tar pits, we have probably either sent some freebies/samples by way of apology or will be offering you a complimentary service at a future time of your choice — more on this once more dust has settled.

As to readings, reports, and consults, I think the most efficient way to catch up will be to work by phone where possible. I don’t think my schedule will match up wtih everyone’s, as I will only be available during nights and weekends,  but if I have started but not finished your consult, or if you’ve been waiting two months or something like that, we will be contacting you if you live in the US to see if you’d like to complete your service on the phone instead and if we can arrange an appointment time. This might work with international clients too but I need to check some things before I can promise that.

So I will be in touch very soon I hope with some sort of offer to make it right if you have been waiting on your service completion for a while. And as always, *if* no work has begun on your service file and you prefer to cancel instead, that’s fine too and I totally understand. Angel is still learning her way around, and I have been kind of scattered and have probably not been explaining things too well, but she will be trying to help me get this stuff set up and get overdue stuff responded to, but any delay or crossed wires or frustration is all my responsibility and not hers – she is doing a great job being patient with me as I juggle and learning the ropes despite my scattered state.

I’ll be updating the current status queue post as applicable over the coming week.


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