Beat The Clock Sale – the sooner you act, the more you save!

As promised earlier, I’m running a few different types of sales, giveaways, drawings, coupons, etc. at Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies, now through the rest of the year.[+] The current coupons are for anybody [*] and work on a “beat the clock” model:

From right now through 11/18, use novthank30 for 30% off any order over $20 (+)
From 11/19 through 11/20, use novthank25 for 25% off any order over $20
From 11/21 through 11/23, use novthank20 for 20% off any order over $20


[+] Some won’t go up until we get this most recent batch of photos of new shrines and jewelry uploaded and posted, but I’ll kick it off now to spread the word that I’m not dead, I am sorry for all the chaos these last few months, and I am so very very grateful for y’all’s patience and trust during what has been the single most insane season I’ve ever experienced since I opened up the online shop ten years ago.

[*] Some will be just for those of you who waited patiently for a little or a lot longer than usual for your service or products – I’m going to do at least one drawing for a hoodoo goodie bag, and it will be your previous purchase of a service or item during a set time span that will be the means of entering; no further action will be needed on your part (and you’re eligible as long as you didn’t file a freakin’ chargeback with your credit card company, in which case I hope you get just as much out of your spiritual work as you put into it).

(+) for coupon purposes, the day ends at midnight Central time

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