black friday coupon code – 25% off

From now until the end of the 29th (Central time), use coupon code “blackfriday” at checkout to get 25% off all orders over $10. I have absolutely no idea if you can use more than one code on the same order, but you are welcome to try – as of the time I’m posting this, not all the coupons have been used for the free bar of soap (see last blog post), and I’d actually be curious to know if it’s possible!

Using Coupon Codes:

“For direct payment gateways [this means if you use a credit card to pay through shopify payments], the discount code can be entered on page 2 of the checkout process when the customer has the opportunity to select a shipping method and enter in credit card information.” [I have been told that Shopify is not going to continue letting me use them as a payment processor because of the type of products/services at my shop – they don’t handle “spiritual/psychic” stuff, they say – but I’m not sure when this will take effect. Be aware, though, that you can use Paypal as a processor even without an account, and you can use any major credit card when checking out through Paypal, so you can still use your credit card even if the Shopify checkout is disabled.]

“PayPal Express, being an offsite payment gateway, works a bit differently. This is the PayPal Express Checkout’s workflow: when checking out, your customer goes to right away, where PayPal collects his shipping and billing addresses. After that, the customer returns to Shopify where he picks a shipping rate, types in a discount code (if you have discount codes that are ‘active’), the price is updated accordingly and, on that same page, your customer gets to finalize his transaction.”

– from the Shopify user guide

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