current coupon codes (Dec 16-19): art, jewelry, candles

Current coupon codes good through the end of Friday, Dec 19 (midnight Central time):

  • Take 20% off any item in the Altar and Folk Art collection by using code art20 at checkout.
  • Take 15% off any item in the Jewelry and Rosaries collection with code jewelry15 at checkout.
  • Take 15% off custom-finished or custom-made vigil and novena candles, plain or decorated, commercial or hand-poured, with code candle15 (so this includes a fixed saint candle of your choice, for instance, or a small 3 day plain vigil, or a medium custom hand-poured container candle keyed to your specific target’s astrological info, assuming you know his or her date, time, and place of birth, etc)

We are still struggling to get caught up (and it’s still a challenge because the credit card company inexplicably decided in the buyer’s favor on that last chargeback even though I could provide proof that I delivered in accordance with my published TOS *and* could provide proof of delivery, so things are def. not going my way this month, and shipping is still slower than usual because I can’t always print shipping labels right away given the extremely volatile nature of my business account balance thanks to this; I only just got restocked on bottles and various other containers this week, and a few essential oils I was running low on or out of completely aren’t coming in until tomorrow. This has seriously sucked!!)

But while Maggie and I are working on the inbox and the orders, Dee is still working on getting photos and listings uploaded, so there should be some new items in those on-sale categories before the coupon has expired. I’ll post to announce that, though, once they’ve gone live.

Terms of Service re. shipping/handling and prep times apply.
Read the FAQ here, including instructions on how to use coupon codes if you need them.

Read the latest status updates, including matters affecting shipping, communication, etc. here.

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