Countdown to Christmas – Free Gift With Order – Day 4

Orders placed on the 22nd (by midnight Central time) receive a free gift: a set of bath/body product samples, including a fizzing foot soak of your choice (Trick Killing, Protection, Van Van, or Spiritual Cleansing), a balm or salve (Gambler’s Gold, Peaceful Palms, and maybe another option if I can get the formula just right in time – I’m working on a Success lotion bar but I don’t have the scent quite right just yet), and bar soap (your choice of a sample bar from what I generally have in stock, and I have a few new ones you probably haven’t tried yet).

Type code countdown in the comment/note box as you are checking out. Do NOT use the Paypal note/comment box — it won’t work — and do NOT use the coupon code box – it won’t work. Use the comment/note box in the Shopify checkout, the one that I’m always telling you not to use because it won’t print with your order and I won’t see it 🙂

I have come up with a workable (if ugly) patch for Shopify’s template code that will send the order through to me with a flag if there’s a note (though it will not print the actual note, but since I’m running this free gift thing, I’ll actually go into the system looking for the note when I see the flag and I will mark your order as a gift recipient manually after I print it).

That’s all you have to do – just type countdown in the comment/note box in Shopify as you are checking out, and then type the names of the formulas you want for your options. If you aren’t sure at the time, it’s ok – you can add the code and just check out, and then we can exchange a few messages if necessary to determine which product / formula might suit your needs best if you’d rather do that. It’s no problem.

There’s no special format because a machine is not reading this, it’s not like the coupon codes that get applied automatically; as long as you type “countdown” in the box, I’ll see the flag when I print your order, and I’ll go into the system to manually pull whatever it is you typed into that box.  And if you check out before midnight Central time, you’ll get your free stuff included alongside your other items when I ship your stuff. (Since you are NOT using the coupon code box, that means you CAN also use a coupon with the same order, too!)

Check back tomorrow for the next countdown gift item!

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