valentine’s day sale + drawing for prizes + stuff that’s back in stock

Current Coupon Codes:

From now until midnight, Jan 28 (Central time), use code valentineclock30 to get 30% off any item in the Love & Lust collection (includes mojos and customizabel items like container candles and pakets).
From Jan 29 until midnight Feb 4, code valentineclock25 gets 25% off in that category.
From Feb 5 until midnight Feb 14, code valentineclock20 gets 20% off in that category.

All customers checking out using one of these codes will be entered into a drawing for a Valetine’s Day prize, a spell kit or a gift “basket” (in quotes because it may be more like a decorative box or bag). No need to type anything else or add any other codes – I will draw randomly from the orders placed that use the coupons. One order equals one entry, so if you place more than one order, you have more than one entry – just as long as at least one item in your cart comes from the Love & Lust category.

One winner will receive a catfish spur spell kit, including a bottle of ink, instructions, and a real catfish bone “spur” that is used as a quill pen in an old fashioned Gulf Coast style working. It’s a sort of “come to me/love me” type of working, to keep your beloved’s mind on you.

Another winner will receive a “come back/return to me” mojo/paket kit – it’s a mojo-shaped/sized thing, but it’s sealed permanently during its creation, which takes several days and involves multiple steps. You get all the ingredients, including the slightly unusual cloth required for the working, and complete instructions on how to work the spell. It’s suitable if you want somebody to come back, but it’s also suitable even if there was no breakup and you just want somebody to come around me and keep thoughts of home (and of you) in their hearts and minds.

There will be at least one gift box/basket awarded. I will consult with the winner to assemble the types of formulas s/he prefers, and while I can’t guarantee it will contain exactly one half-ounce bottle of whatever and three soaps (it just depends on what formulas the winner prefers), it will include an assortment of stuff that fills up the box or bag and then some. The prize will include a candle of some sort, either fixed commercial or hand-poured, that will obviously be too big for the box, bag, or basket.

The “first prize” winner can choose first. The “second prize” winner can choose next. And the “third prize” winner can choose third. If there are only spell kits left and you don’t want the spell kit, that’s ok, – you can have another gift basket instead if there isn’t anybody special in your life just yet. You don’t have to take a kit you can’t use, in other words. But i thought I’d offer a chance to win some one of a kind or custom-made things that you can’t purchase as regular inventory in honor of Valentines’ Day.

Back in Stock:

Three Kings formulas (with the 2015 batch)
Black Cat Bones (leg bones, can be fixed and “stuffed”)
Oakmoss & Bergamot soap


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